Friday, February 11, 2011

the thirty - the details

My milestone birthday has come and gone and if we're friends in real life or on Facebook, you already know the details but I thought the world needed to know what a truly epic celebration it was.

I've been thinking about thirty ever since I turned 29 and researched a million options. It was like planning another wedding. Initially, it was going to be circus party because I was inspired by this party. Actually, I was more inspired by the outfits, namely this one:

(Photo from The Winding Road)

How perfect is this?! The circus theme was brewing for much of 2010 so much so that MOH's mom bought me a perfect circus jacket she spotted at a flea market. The perfect outfit hung in mind for months with no where to go. I even thought about hosting it at Cirque School LA but just couldn't swing the budget for it.

And then it Boots Saga 2010/11 happened. Most people don't believe me (or think I'm ridiculous) but the whole idea for the party happened because of these boots. I wanted these boots and wanted to have an occasion to wear them. Just to make sure that occasion would occur, I planned the whole party around them. I spotted these boots first at Anthropologie. On sale!

Boots Saga 2010/11 was a tragic story of love, loss, love, and loss again - but finally love. Long story short, I ordered them in September 2010 and didn't get them until January 2011. Now I realize I'm not really a cow girl. I don't even really love the outdoors but I love these boots, I love glitter, and I love plaid. So this is what had been swirling in my head for months:

(I too wish there was a better photo. :)) So there it was. The Birthday Outfit. Now all I needed was the party. And what a party it was...

Invitation designed by MOH. Wish you could've seen it in person.

Somewhere along the way, mustaches became a huge obsession. (Subsequent detail photos by Ruby Chu Creative.)

The confetti were punched out of glitter cardstock, one by one with a 1" punch out, by the best husband in the world. It was completely necessary to keep the party from going too Dude Ranch.

Mason jars were purchased at Target and other random glass bottles were borrowed from a friend.

Poms on a stick added a nice touch of pink. It's just like making a regular pom but gluing a stick in between.

Mustaches were purchased from Oriental Trading and in order to create the backing, I traced each mustache out from sheets of sticky glittery foam and mounted them on to long lollipop sticks from Michaels.

The whole combination of everything in theory was strange to everyone but myself. It was perfect in my head.

These gift boxes were a labor of love by MOH. I gave her the box and twine and she figured the rest out. It helped that I had 2395802 mustaches leftover because I ordered 108 mustaches when I thought I was ordering 36.

Inside each box was a few of my favorite things:

Chocolate kettle corn from Popcornopolis packaged in popcorn bag from The Sugar Diva. (Had to get my circus in somewhere.)

In addition to the confetti, the cake was K's masterpiece. A couple weeks before the party, whilst I was losing my mind, I commissioned K to get the cake. I knew exactly what I wanted but couldn't find an exact picture so had to send him to the bakery with inspiration pictures with very specific rules:
- The mustache must be big, but not too big.
- The mustache must be smooth, but no fondant.
- The cake must be round.
- The cake must have texture.

I may or may not have lost my cool on my than one occasion when repeating these parameters over the phone. :)

Cake Sensations did a FABULOUS job. I literally squealed with I saw the cake.

It truly was one of the best birthdays ever and I'm forever grateful to everyone who came clad in plaid.

the bounty hunter


Sandy said...

Hi Jane,
Oh my goodness! It really is such a small world. I just read your sweet comment about our circus party/outfit and came over to your blog. I saw that your engagement and wedding photos were taken by Jasmine Star and I popped over to take a look. You're not going to believe this but I remember looking at both sets of those on her blog when she first posted them and thinking, "How Adorable!!" I even "favorited" your engagement photos because I loved your dress! Isn't life funny?! I think your 30th birthday party was beautiful. I love the boots, the plaid, the mustaches, and the glitter. So, so cute!

Winnie said...

I, too, have been obsessing over my 30th birthday party even though it's months away :) Your party looks like so much fun! I'll have to hit you up for ideas.

Stephanie said...

I didn't realize how well your special birthday girl fuzzy stache matched the one on the cake! Perfection alllll over the place. It was a fabulous party!

Allison said...

Happy belated birthday! Your party: Oh the details! The perfect mix of humor-and-class. I love it. I love it. And I don’t think I can talk about boots. It makes me too sad because my calves are too large to fit in any pair at Anthropologie. I will be blogging about this tragedy soon!

Keith L. Jennings said...

Upbeat overdue birthday! Your gathering: Oh the points of interest! The ideal blend of diversion and-class. I cherish the red sweater and boots. I cherish it. Also, I don't contemplate boots. It makes me excessively dismal on the grounds that my calves are too substantial to fit in any combine.