Thursday, February 3, 2011

lodi dodi we likes to party

Happy lunar new year to you!!! It's the year of the rabbit ... and that's about all I know about that. You know a cultural holiday has reached its peak when Cityville has incorporated into a game and demands that you put up 3 lanterns in celebration.

I come from a small family and Chinese new year always meant a family meal and red envelopes. I've married into a big clan of people and they like to party like it's the year of the rabbit so the celebrations are a bit more elaborate. This year, there was a buffet, karaoke, and party games!

You choose an envelope and write your name on it. At the end of the night the envelopes were opened and inside could be any amount of money ranging from $5 to $100. Guess who got all of the high amounts? THE MUNCHKINS.

K and I haven't attended a new year celebration of the clan because it always fell on fellowship night but it all worked out this year and we went. Our first appearance at the celebration as a married couple means you have to dole out the red envelopes. To whom? TO THE MUNCHKINS. K enjoyed it very much.

What do you get for Chinese new year when you're married? NOTHING. Except usually from your parents. But this year a branch of the clan decided to make turnip cakes! From scratch!

Homemade amazingness. It's almost as good as a red envelope in your pocket. ;)

Happy new year!!

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Winnie said...

Yummmm I <3 turnip cake.