Monday, February 21, 2011

Amazing Eats: Raku Japanese Charcoal Grill

I love/hate Vegas. I love the lights and lack the timekeeping but I hate that I feel my age every time I come. Since I no longer hang with the mini-skirt-clubbing-until-4 A.M. crowd, I indulge in food. We just took a trip to Vegas to celebrate G6's birthday and the boys introduced me to Raku, otherwise known as the best food I've ever eaten. If you're ever in the mood for anything other than the buffet, give this place a try.

Raku is a small restaurant located in a strip mall near Chinatown and the boys discovered it via yelp. Everything is tasty, everything is amazing. They serve all small dishes and all orders for skewers are a single skewer so we took the opportunity to eat A LOT.

Yellowtail. I almost cried when I ate the salmon version of this. It was THAT good.

House cold tofu. You can get this fried as well. Which we did. Obvs.

Wilkinson Ginger Ale. Canada Dry claims that their Ginger Ale is made out of real ginger. This ginger ales tastes like someone too a piece of ginger and juiced it into this bottle. I literally choked multiple times just from the fragrance of the soda. AND it has the ginger bite. I drank the whole bottle but I probably won't drink it again.

I don't have more pictures of the food because I was too busy stuffing my face after awhile. We also had chicken, duck, kobe beef, etc. etc. etc.

Besides the food there is the bathroom decor.
Bathroom #1 has a fishtank.

And the fancy toilet that will clean and dry your bum

The 2nd bathroom has a faux tree.

And faux grass.

Not to mention a CD of nature sounds and birds playing. It's a good thing the bathroom is immaculate otherwise it would have been creepy and gross.

I cannot wait to come back again.

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