Monday, January 31, 2011

Just take a look

I actually decided that I love to read by default. I couldn't quite wrap my head math so I assumed I love to read. I can't ever be sure if I love to read because I declared it from the onset or if I actually developed a love for it. Either way, I was one of those kids under my blanket with a flash light reading Little Women. It was the biggest book I had checked out to date because I picked up the hard-cover version that had giant text. You need giant text if you're going to be reading under your blanket past your bedtime. My near-sighted eyes would tell you the same.

Now that my big milestone birthday is over and I can't stop filing new inspiration/ideas away, here is some nifty decor for your fellow bibliophile.

Will poms ever get old? Maybe. But maybe just one more:

From Green Wedding Shoes (It's a whole shoot styled around paper and vintage books!)

If you're going to do the poms, you have to do the garland:

From VintageMarketPlace on Etsy

I'm not quite good enough with my exacto knife to pull this off, but if you can, I highly suggest it:

A library themed wedding shoot, by Jessica Claire

Where would this go for a party? Just about anywhere it wants to go:

From Living with Lindsay, along with instructions!

I'm calling these next babies "book globes." Looks like each scallop was glued on by hand? Results were well worth it:

by Cathy of California

Happy crafting!


Yee Kay said...

LOVE! And huzzah for the big-print, heavy-duty "Little Women"!!

Winnie said...

It makes me a little sad to cut up a book. However, the ideas are super cute! I'll have to enlist your help when it's time to plan my birthday party.