Monday, January 31, 2011

Just take a look

I actually decided that I love to read by default. I couldn't quite wrap my head math so I assumed I love to read. I can't ever be sure if I love to read because I declared it from the onset or if I actually developed a love for it. Either way, I was one of those kids under my blanket with a flash light reading Little Women. It was the biggest book I had checked out to date because I picked up the hard-cover version that had giant text. You need giant text if you're going to be reading under your blanket past your bedtime. My near-sighted eyes would tell you the same.

Now that my big milestone birthday is over and I can't stop filing new inspiration/ideas away, here is some nifty decor for your fellow bibliophile.

Will poms ever get old? Maybe. But maybe just one more:

From Green Wedding Shoes (It's a whole shoot styled around paper and vintage books!)

If you're going to do the poms, you have to do the garland:

From VintageMarketPlace on Etsy

I'm not quite good enough with my exacto knife to pull this off, but if you can, I highly suggest it:

A library themed wedding shoot, by Jessica Claire

Where would this go for a party? Just about anywhere it wants to go:

From Living with Lindsay, along with instructions!

I'm calling these next babies "book globes." Looks like each scallop was glued on by hand? Results were well worth it:

by Cathy of California

Happy crafting!

the awesome, wonderful, very good, lots of fun, and happy times saturday

It was one of those Saturdays that I wished to have on repeat over and over. I attribute it to the sparkly shoes I decided to throw on. They make my usual uniform much more fun.

K thinks it's ghastly that I'd wear these shoes anywhere before 9 P.M. much less to lunch on a Saturday. I wear them anyway. He recently picked up a coupon from OpenTable for Paradise Cove in Malibu so it was the perfect day to make the drive out. The food has seriously suffered a bit over the years but you really can't beat the beachy experience on a perfect 75-degree day. In January. It's good to remember why we pay through the nose to live out here. Plus EZEase and KPop came with us so the company made it worth it.

We chatted about all things wedding over lunch and since I have a tendency to overwhelm people with information when I'm excited, there were lots of google images and Shut It Down moments tossed about. I live for days like these.

We hit up Carmela Ice Cream after lunch.

Sea Salt Caramel and Dark Chocolate Cacao Nib. You can literally taste the difference in the natural ingredients that they use - so real that it can be slightly overwhelming if you're used to the processed stuff. I'm totally sold on them because of the natural flavors but mostly because their new store front is adorable.

The boys even indulged us in some wedding sourcing at the Goodwill and Michaels. Oh happy day!

"Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22-23

Sunday, January 30, 2011

the thirty - the people

thank you to everyone who put up with my party for my birthday. :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

my current mind waster

I learned that I am horrible as a city planner.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

edible love

My very first big deal cooking experience was cooking for my dad. I was probably in high school and my mom was out of town. I decided I was going to make ribs because it was fancy enough to show love but easy enough to pop in the oven. I had no idea how to do so and no easy access to the internet so I called my mom and based on her telephone directions, I forged ahead. When she said put salt and pepper on the meat, I took that to mean encrust the meat with seasoning. I couldn't understand why I couldn't SEE the seasoning on the meat as I was putting it on. I didn't give up - I just kept on bathing it. So when the meat was thoroughly covered in a thick layer of seasoning, I put it in the oven. When it was done, we almost had ourselves a nice rack of cured meat. My dad didn't give up - he ate it. I love him.

Nowadays, I've got more meals under my belt and more people that I feed. Energy recently got back from a long trip through the Biblelands and I invited him over to show K and me some photos. I was craving some Mexican food and told Energy I may run out and grab some burritos when I get this text: "aww you're not cooking? BOO that's one of the highlights of my visit."'

Words. It's one of my love languages. So I set out to cook. Since I was still craving Mexican and can't cook Mexican, I made guacamole. I love making guac because I don't eat spicy - at all - and when I make it, it's not spicy! WHEE! Everyone else in the world apparently likes it at least mildly spicy. Since I do my grocery shopping after work, I need other quick things. Here's what we ate:

Everything taste fine and so for my lovely college students just starting out in the kitchen, here's what went down:

- chop up half of a white onion (I highly rec a mini food processor for this)
- chop 2 cloves of garlic
- chop up 1 or 2 tomatoes depending on how much you like tomatoes
- scoop out 3 ripe avocados
- mix in everything with a spoon
- squeeze some lime juice into it (or lemon. that's all I had)
- add salt

- chicken thighs
- salt/pepper
- korean bbq sauce
- In the oven at 350 for about 40 minutes. This depends on how big your chicken is.
- EAT!

Potatoes Au Gratin
- I used this recipe.
- Didn't have whatever cheese they were asking for so I bought the shredded cheese in a bag at the store. Got mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, and some mild cheddar.
- grease baking dish
- slice potatoes
- line dish with potatoes, add salt/pepper, mix of cheese.
- repeat layers until done.
- pour in cream. not a ton. just enough.
- oven at 400 for 45 minutes or so.
- let cool about 5 minutes before serving. K would say more like 10 because he ate it and it was too hot for him.

Just to have something green on the plate, I added arugula and a bottle of dressing.

I was short on time so I popped the chicken in at 350 and then started preparing the potatoes. By the time I was done, the chicken had been in there for about 20 minutes and then I invited the potatoes to join the chicken in the oven. I turned up the heat to between 375/400 and let them party. Turned out fine.

Everyone was full and happy. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

nye 2011: san francisco

Usually I have more time than I know what to do with at work but recently, I've been working on a new project that includes taking work home on the weekends. I don't even know who I am anymore. The only consolation is that my boss is dropping hints that a position may open up in the company that he thinks I'd be perfect for: office manager. I'm not even kidding. Apparently, I really am Pam. It's just the rumbles of some office rumors right now but I'd be grateful for the additional responsibilities and ker-ching. Keep the hope alive for me, will you?

I can't wait to share with you the details of my recent birthday party, but for now, we'll have to go back to San Francisco, circa New Year's Eve, 2010. We went up to see Phoenix and Ghost Writer. Phoenix is one of my BFFs and moved up there awhile ago but I've yet to see her place so it was time to make the trip. Ghost Writer has the best family hook ups which landed them into a perfect apartment with high ceilings, original wood everything, right in the heart of the city. I kind of died and fell in love with it.

Other than to visit friends, eating was my 2nd objective. Not to necessarily eat at fancy places but to eat, sleep, and veg out to my heart's content. This is my idea of a perfect vacation.

First night: tapas at Bocadillos.
Everything was tasty. I even ate some spicy stuff.

Latte from Cafe Grecco (very good!) and cake from Stella. Also had a bite on a cannoli and other sweet things.
When on vacation, I eat everything. No matter whose plate it's on. It's all FAIR GAME PEOPLE.

Day 2's mission was to eat everything in the Ferry Building. Mission Accomplished.

Hog Island Oysters: BEST GRILLED CHEESE EVER. Who would've guessed?! The oysters were bomb diggity as well. But the CHEESE. So good, I don't even have a photo for you.

Treats for me and my FRIEND, wasaii.

This place looking harmless until your friend offers you a slice of head cheese. HEAD. CHEESE.

The taste I can bear, but texture got me.
These Pepples donuts were slightly better:

I tried the sea salt and caramel but let's be real: A vegan donut isn't the same as a real donut. A for effort!

Last stop: Gott's Roadside.
Because I seriously have no dietary boundaries while on vacation.

We ate so much other great stuff that I didn't include but it was a wonderful trip.

New Year's Eve was spent at Spire, which K's cousin happens to be a part of, and it was straight- up, ghetto fun. I have no pictures of that night but that's probably for the best. I did wear a sparkly skirt:

The minute we got to the airport, I missed my friends already.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

happy birthday, miss A!

There are only a few people in my reality circle that truly understand the art of hosting a party. Chlorine is one of them. I'd like to think of us as two peas in the proverbial party-styling pod. She appreciates details, snail mail, and Emily Post so when it came time to host Miss A's 1st birthday, I knew Chlorine would not disappoint.

When you get an invitation like this in the mail, you know the party is going to be full of fun: (photo by Chlorine)

The invitation was inspired by Mila's Daydreams and was themed Miss A's favorite things (a la Oprah's show). I loved how the invitation and theme was so personal to Miss A even though she's only been around for a year.

And onto the details. Chlorine took the blogosphere's loviest things and kicked it up a notch. Or ten. Love tissue paper poms poms? Forget them. Try one with tulle:

Love honeycomb garlands? Forget them. Try it with tulle. Each sewed and gathered by Chlorine herself, who did not know how to sew prior to this party.

The tulle adds such a dreamy quality to everything with or without my instagr.amification. The food table with the requisite 36" balloons. And don't forget the PINK twinkle lights.

Striped straw and IZZE. My husband K put the straws in the cups. When he started, I said, "Oh, she'll want them .." He interrupts: "All to one side. I know." :) It's contagious.

I was SO VERY PLEASED to see the ruffle cake in person. It's really awesome to see ideas come to life. Cake was done by Cake Sensations.

The dessert table had pink treats. My favorite detail was the cotton candy inside of large plastic ornaments. The pink cotton candy gave the ball a pearlescent glow.

My favorite detail of all - the family. Chlorine also made tulle party flair for everyone to wear: bouts, rings, hair pins. Loverly.

Thanks for the fabulous eye candy Chlorine! You are one lucky girl, Miss A.