Thursday, December 9, 2010

i heart

There are days when I don't want to brush my hair, much less whip it back and forth. These are the days when you'll see me with my hair tied back and a headband popped on my head. The more the fabulous the headband, the less you'll notice my knots and tangles. creates some of the most fabulous headpieces for brides and fabulous girls to wear. I hit up their sale on a recent Saturday and was delighted to take a peek in their work space. I'd love to come to work here!!

Oh where, oh where do they get their fabulous ideas?! Here of course!

To me, presentation is everything. People will shell out more for cash for things not crammed into racks and shelves. The girls at clearly understand this:

Poms make the world go round.

Here is where they shoot some of their fun photos. Everyone should one in their bedroom - every outfit would look 10x better just standing in front of it.

I made out with a few things for me and for gifts. Photos below are from the website.
Giant bow for someone who is not turning 30 and shoe clips for me.

Sported this to the Details, Details Holiday Dinner and got good feedback from the other ladies. However, my real question is - WHERE CAN I GET HER TOP?!

Luscious and simple headband perfect for the non-hair-combing days:

I see some beautiful, sparkly days ahead in the wardrobe forecast. :) Be sure to click over for more eye candy!

P.S. - In my wedding do-over, there is definitely a giant flower headband.

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Winnie said...

I wish I could pull off something like that :) I bet it looks cute on you!