Friday, December 10, 2010

i heart ny

I'm hanging out with Way in the hospital today. Boo to tumors and surgeries. Boo to hours of waiting. Yay for free hospital wifi!! Nothing like internet surfing to pass the time. Especially when you're trying to get your mind off the situation at hand. This is better than wringing my hands helplessly in a corner - yes?

Way was born in NYC and I came across some great photos on 20x200 of ... NYC. (The connections strain when I've been under florescent lighting for more than 1 hour.) 20x200 is a good source for art for people who don't know much about art. (me) I'd like to see some of these hanging in the shoebox. I'm cursing myself for not picking up the One Kings Lane deal on this awhile back.

Balloons by Youngna Park

Central Park South by Joseph O. Holmes

Winter Flags by Youngna Park

West 43rd Street by Joseph O. Holmes

Untitled (Mott Street) by Allison Gruppo

All of the prints are available in a variety of sizes. Perfect to look at no matter what nitch of a florescent washed room you may find yourself.

After leaving Way to her procedure, I went to see brand new Baby Conehead. Fresh out of the oven. Welcome to the world!!

Sometimes a full day spent in hospitals isn't so bad. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

i heart

There are days when I don't want to brush my hair, much less whip it back and forth. These are the days when you'll see me with my hair tied back and a headband popped on my head. The more the fabulous the headband, the less you'll notice my knots and tangles. creates some of the most fabulous headpieces for brides and fabulous girls to wear. I hit up their sale on a recent Saturday and was delighted to take a peek in their work space. I'd love to come to work here!!

Oh where, oh where do they get their fabulous ideas?! Here of course!

To me, presentation is everything. People will shell out more for cash for things not crammed into racks and shelves. The girls at clearly understand this:

Poms make the world go round.

Here is where they shoot some of their fun photos. Everyone should one in their bedroom - every outfit would look 10x better just standing in front of it.

I made out with a few things for me and for gifts. Photos below are from the website.
Giant bow for someone who is not turning 30 and shoe clips for me.

Sported this to the Details, Details Holiday Dinner and got good feedback from the other ladies. However, my real question is - WHERE CAN I GET HER TOP?!

Luscious and simple headband perfect for the non-hair-combing days:

I see some beautiful, sparkly days ahead in the wardrobe forecast. :) Be sure to click over for more eye candy!

P.S. - In my wedding do-over, there is definitely a giant flower headband.

Monday, December 6, 2010

vibiana wedding

We ended Thanksgiving weekend with the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Hipster. Mrs. Hipster is known to be a fabulous fashionista and the invitation had let us know to dress to impress so I was definitely excited.

The event was held at the Vibiana in Downtown and since I've never been, the event addict in me was excited to scope out the venue.

It was a beautiful clear day in DTLA but the LA crowd was not loving the 60 degree weather.

The Vibiana was an old church converted to event space so you get beautiful vaulted ceilings with cathedral architecture. Even without the pews, the altar in the front reminds you that it was once a church. The vaulted ceilings also make for crazy acoustics and the DJ had to place extra speaker in the back of the room because there was so much of an echo. Carpeting or draping the space may help a bit but then you'd lose the beautiful dark hardwood floors.

The ceremony took place outside in the courtyard secluded by tall shrubbery. The whole thing felt very New York rooftop since you could look up and see tall buildings surrounding you.

The couple kept a white theme with black accents. The bridesmaids were asked to wear a white dress of their choosing (sadly, did not get good photo). Fab-u-lous. Very Carrie Bradshaw. Simple arrangements in white containers made the space itself the focus on the night.

What's that brown bottle doing there you ask? It's maple syrup for the chicken and waffles we were noshing on later that evening! I can definitely say I've never had chicken and waffles in my wedding best. While inside an old church building. :) But I'd expect nothing less from Mrs. and Mrs. Hipster.

We had a great time - thank you E & D!!! Congratulations!!! xoxo