Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That's All She Wrote

"You've got that typical pretty Asian handwriting," mused a fellow Asian sister at work. I didn't even realize handwriting could be stereotyped nowadays. I had no idea what she was talking about as I whipped my Keroppi topped lead pencil into a frenzy. Internet, do you know what she's talking about?

I actually remember lots of girls in middle school priding themselves on their penmanship, yours truly included. I read somewhere that culturally, the ability to make good rice is the mark of a good Chinese daughter. (In the Joy Luck Club maybe? The source of all my Chinese knowledge, of course. ;)) Apparently, in the early 90s, the mark of a good Asian girl was her penmanship. There was a girl in my middle school whose penmanship was so perfect that it looked like the words were typed on to the page. She was always humble about it, to the point of self-deprecation, but I like to imagine the hours she slaved over her desk crossing her Ts.

I've grown to care less about my penmanship but who doesn't appreciate a pretty, handwritten anything? As the Chinese daughters before me benefitted from the advent of rice cookers, I benefit now from calligraphers. I love the mini works of art they whip up on envelopes and this year decided to commission a return address stamp in preparation for the Christmas card sending season. We got our stamp from Primele!

I chose Primele because her style is totally casual and adoringly chic. It's beautiful calligraphy that doesn't feel too stuffy. This would have been a good place to show you my stamp but then I'd risk all sorts of crazies showing up at le shoebox and up to no good. I'm totally happy with the product and hope it adds that a bit more oomph in our Christmas cards this year ... if we ever manage to get a snapshot for the cards. Sigh.

I have to mention a couple other calligraphers that I totally drool over:

Betsy Dunlap and Paperfinger. Totally modern, unique calligraphy. Perfect for this little Asian girl, all grown up. :)


Stephanie said...

I've had a few people make that same "cute asian girl writing" comment to me at work (where I am the lone asian girl). It's like it's our "thing"!

Winnie said...

This is so cute! Now I want one too hehe.

The other day at work someone asked me to sign a greeting card on behalf of their department because they think I have nice handwriting. I don't even work with them :X