Friday, November 12, 2010

mic check one two. one two.

My bff phoenix is planning a big 3-0 bash for her fiance, who also happens to be my ghost writer. Not for this blog - just for my raps.

I'll give you a minute to reread that.

Anyway, I don't know about Ghost Writer, but K prefers his parties to be low key and easy. If we weren't married, he'd probably never have a birthday party. I feel this is one of the top reasons why God brought us together. :)

Ghost Writer is a huge fan of the SF Giants and so phoenix is going to whip that up into a neat little party. For a man party, decorations are secondary but food is king so I thought it'd be good to serve baseball food in cool packaging. I googled up some pictures and here's what I found:

A popcorn bar? YES PLEASE.
I recently tried Hurricane Popcorn straight from a Costco in Hawaii and had never realized the magic of adding stuff to popcorn and shaking it up in a bag. I think it'd be super fun to have toppings for guests to throw into plastic bags and shake to their heart's desire. Wan created a popcorn bar with gourmet popcorn for her bean's party and I hear it was a fabulous hit!

Hot dogs with all the toppings that the man could ever dream of. OF COURSE.
All of the usual suspects plus some fancy friends like guacamole, hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, pineapple. *swoon* The SF Weekly blog has some good ideas here.

Squeeze in some Martha Stewart touches with a birthday banner and personalized packaging and this should be a great party :)

And now your turn: How do the men in your life like to celebrate their birthdays?


Stephanie said...

Hurricane Popcorn rules!

Winnie said...

My man does not do birthday parties. End of story :)