Monday, November 29, 2010

it is SO EASY!

I had these amazing cookies and truffles that DanNielle made over the weekend. While my BFFs and I were busy stuffing our faces with them, DanNielle was writing down the recipe for the cookies. Multiple copies. From memory. While knitting a scarf and hat. All at the same time. Her motto of the evening was, "It's SO EASY!" (I didn't have the heart to tell her that my easy = opening a package and putting food to mouth. and does not require oven. :))

DanNielle is just that kind of chick. A lovelier version of Martha Stewart without a record, who is convincing enough to lead you to believe that YOU TOO can make cookies, truffles, and knit hats all in one hour.

Oh she also makes halloween costumes. Exhibit A:

I met DanNielle through MacAttack. They spied each other across the way as GI Joes and have been in love and cahoots for years. She moved out here from Oprahland and was recently laid off from her job which is bad for her but good for you and me because this means she's had more time to knit knit knit! I showed her a scarf I was coveting and BAM, she whipped one out and gifted it to me. Here I am sporting the scarf. I'm still working on perfecting the art of tying a scarf into a bow.

While the scarf is not for mass production or sale, her etsy store features gifts for baby like this bib:

She can pretty much whip up any and everything so if you're in the market for some knitted/crocheted goods, cookie recipes, or halloween costumes, give D a holla.


Lynn said...

She is also an amazing daughter !

Winnie said...

That scarf looks really cute on you! I can never pull off something like that though :)