Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thoughts

Sometimes there are perks to being Jam of the school. Like a free sign up to The Sketchbook Project.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

It's an awesomely cool project wherein artists (insert air quotes for self here) send in a provided sketchbook on a topic to be included in a traveling exhibit, ultimately to be archived at the Brooklyn Art Library. This year there are over 28,000 people participating and I'm one of them! I just got my sketchbook this week, along with my Brooklyn Art Library card:

A quick scan of some of the past sketchbooks and examples uploaded to the site let me know that I may have gotten in a wee bit over my head but now the book is due in early January and I have to turn in something. Apparently the blank canvas has already been done. Of the list of possible topics, I chose "Happy Thoughts." It doesn't seem like it'd be a hard topic until I tried to think about what I'd actually sketch.

In the cliche irony of life, it just so happens that I'm in a funk and am currently the complete opposite of happy thoughts. At least I've started by forming a list of my usual happy thoughts:
2. french fries
3. being k's wife
4. louie
5. sequins and glitter
6. girl talk
7. love actually
8. hot fudge sundaes

So internet ... what are you happy thoughts? What would you sketch?


ceo said...

My Happy thoughts are
1. my adorable daughter smiling
2. making a new bag for Christina Elaine
3. doing my sketchbook project
4. walking on the pier in manhattan beach with a coffee


I hear you on the funk.....

Winnie said...

This is so cool! I see on their website that they have an equivalent project for cameras. I am considering participating. I'd LOVE to see the end result of your sketchbook. You should post some pictures on your blog.

genessee said...

i heard about this! so cool. i might do that pictures one. just wish i could use my own camera. hehe