Monday, November 29, 2010

it is SO EASY!

I had these amazing cookies and truffles that DanNielle made over the weekend. While my BFFs and I were busy stuffing our faces with them, DanNielle was writing down the recipe for the cookies. Multiple copies. From memory. While knitting a scarf and hat. All at the same time. Her motto of the evening was, "It's SO EASY!" (I didn't have the heart to tell her that my easy = opening a package and putting food to mouth. and does not require oven. :))

DanNielle is just that kind of chick. A lovelier version of Martha Stewart without a record, who is convincing enough to lead you to believe that YOU TOO can make cookies, truffles, and knit hats all in one hour.

Oh she also makes halloween costumes. Exhibit A:

I met DanNielle through MacAttack. They spied each other across the way as GI Joes and have been in love and cahoots for years. She moved out here from Oprahland and was recently laid off from her job which is bad for her but good for you and me because this means she's had more time to knit knit knit! I showed her a scarf I was coveting and BAM, she whipped one out and gifted it to me. Here I am sporting the scarf. I'm still working on perfecting the art of tying a scarf into a bow.

While the scarf is not for mass production or sale, her etsy store features gifts for baby like this bib:

She can pretty much whip up any and everything so if you're in the market for some knitted/crocheted goods, cookie recipes, or halloween costumes, give D a holla.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thoughts

Sometimes there are perks to being Jam of the school. Like a free sign up to The Sketchbook Project.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

It's an awesomely cool project wherein artists (insert air quotes for self here) send in a provided sketchbook on a topic to be included in a traveling exhibit, ultimately to be archived at the Brooklyn Art Library. This year there are over 28,000 people participating and I'm one of them! I just got my sketchbook this week, along with my Brooklyn Art Library card:

A quick scan of some of the past sketchbooks and examples uploaded to the site let me know that I may have gotten in a wee bit over my head but now the book is due in early January and I have to turn in something. Apparently the blank canvas has already been done. Of the list of possible topics, I chose "Happy Thoughts." It doesn't seem like it'd be a hard topic until I tried to think about what I'd actually sketch.

In the cliche irony of life, it just so happens that I'm in a funk and am currently the complete opposite of happy thoughts. At least I've started by forming a list of my usual happy thoughts:
2. french fries
3. being k's wife
4. louie
5. sequins and glitter
6. girl talk
7. love actually
8. hot fudge sundaes

So internet ... what are you happy thoughts? What would you sketch?

Friday, November 12, 2010

mic check one two. one two.

My bff phoenix is planning a big 3-0 bash for her fiance, who also happens to be my ghost writer. Not for this blog - just for my raps.

I'll give you a minute to reread that.

Anyway, I don't know about Ghost Writer, but K prefers his parties to be low key and easy. If we weren't married, he'd probably never have a birthday party. I feel this is one of the top reasons why God brought us together. :)

Ghost Writer is a huge fan of the SF Giants and so phoenix is going to whip that up into a neat little party. For a man party, decorations are secondary but food is king so I thought it'd be good to serve baseball food in cool packaging. I googled up some pictures and here's what I found:

A popcorn bar? YES PLEASE.
I recently tried Hurricane Popcorn straight from a Costco in Hawaii and had never realized the magic of adding stuff to popcorn and shaking it up in a bag. I think it'd be super fun to have toppings for guests to throw into plastic bags and shake to their heart's desire. Wan created a popcorn bar with gourmet popcorn for her bean's party and I hear it was a fabulous hit!

Hot dogs with all the toppings that the man could ever dream of. OF COURSE.
All of the usual suspects plus some fancy friends like guacamole, hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, pineapple. *swoon* The SF Weekly blog has some good ideas here.

Squeeze in some Martha Stewart touches with a birthday banner and personalized packaging and this should be a great party :)

And now your turn: How do the men in your life like to celebrate their birthdays?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That's All She Wrote

"You've got that typical pretty Asian handwriting," mused a fellow Asian sister at work. I didn't even realize handwriting could be stereotyped nowadays. I had no idea what she was talking about as I whipped my Keroppi topped lead pencil into a frenzy. Internet, do you know what she's talking about?

I actually remember lots of girls in middle school priding themselves on their penmanship, yours truly included. I read somewhere that culturally, the ability to make good rice is the mark of a good Chinese daughter. (In the Joy Luck Club maybe? The source of all my Chinese knowledge, of course. ;)) Apparently, in the early 90s, the mark of a good Asian girl was her penmanship. There was a girl in my middle school whose penmanship was so perfect that it looked like the words were typed on to the page. She was always humble about it, to the point of self-deprecation, but I like to imagine the hours she slaved over her desk crossing her Ts.

I've grown to care less about my penmanship but who doesn't appreciate a pretty, handwritten anything? As the Chinese daughters before me benefitted from the advent of rice cookers, I benefit now from calligraphers. I love the mini works of art they whip up on envelopes and this year decided to commission a return address stamp in preparation for the Christmas card sending season. We got our stamp from Primele!

I chose Primele because her style is totally casual and adoringly chic. It's beautiful calligraphy that doesn't feel too stuffy. This would have been a good place to show you my stamp but then I'd risk all sorts of crazies showing up at le shoebox and up to no good. I'm totally happy with the product and hope it adds that a bit more oomph in our Christmas cards this year ... if we ever manage to get a snapshot for the cards. Sigh.

I have to mention a couple other calligraphers that I totally drool over:

Betsy Dunlap and Paperfinger. Totally modern, unique calligraphy. Perfect for this little Asian girl, all grown up. :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

I love fall. Even in this crazy 95 degree so. cal weather, fall is fabulous. Fall brings Thanksgiving and Christmas. And after fall is winter. And winter is my birthday. For the 6th time in January, I'll be turning 25. For months (literally) I've been pondering about how to mark this bittersweet occasion. "30 is the new 20," they say - so I presume that the celebration will include colorful libations, stilettos in my hand, and a tiara on my head. ;)

Or not.

Whatever it ends up being, I'm excited - mostly for the celebration. I stumbled across You + Me*, a lifestyling duo and a line in their bio totally caught my eye:

"Throwing the perfect dinner party, proposing to the one you love, planning a birthday surprise, making a vacation feel special, giving a gift that feels personalized instead of generic—all of these experiences require just the right combination of pretty things, thoughtful gestures, and personal touches. With YOU + ME, you’ll get the formula right every time."

It's SO true. There is a world of pretty out there but none of it works unless if it's just the right mix of pretty and you. From the look of their blog, it seems like the girls of You + Me* have really good eyes and a great sense of style. If I were a Real Housewife, I'd commission them immediately. :) But since I'm Jam, I'll have to turn to you internet...

What did you do (or what will you do) for your milestone birthday(s)?