Thursday, August 5, 2010

Workin' on my fitness

I gained the freshmen 15 and now I'm well on my way to my married 15. I also apparently no longer have the self-discipline will power to run for miles because there's no white dress to fit into. I'm not jabba the hut, but everyone has to take care of their bodies, right?

I've been debating joining a class/gym/whatever. I used to belong to 24 Hour Fitness but have since stopped renewing my membership, again due to the lack of a white dress. I hate, hate, hate (read: hate) paying for this stuff when I can run on the street and have gym equipment in apartment complex. Of course, this leaves me doing nothing at all. I also figured that the money I'm not spending on gym/classes, I'm spending on clothes to camouflage my growing body. (Strange fact: I can fit into all of my clothes and am the same "size", it's just that I'm spread out differently in them now. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?)

Do you have classes or places you recommend? I don't think I want to join a gym again so probably something where I can just go to take a class. I'm more into cardio but will need toning too. Anything in the Pasadena area would be great.


Walter said...
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dapotato said...

i know exactly how you feel, but i don't fit into my pants anymore because it seems it all goes to my thighs/stomach now instead of spreading out more evenly like it used to.

i bet amber would have suggestions. i know she prefers class-type workouts and found some good ones in pasadena even before her current hardcore one.

Winnie said...

Ditto Tater. I fit into all my dresses and skirts, but none of my pants. I really want to get back to my wedding weight but have been so effing lazy.

amber said...

I'm like Breakthru Fitness' biggest fan! Yeah, they're a gym, but they class schedule is one of the best I've seen. Great instructors, great members and a very modern/clean space. I think you would love it. Email me if you want more deets. :)

Walter said...

Hi, Jane! I can totally understand you. I procrastinated on my desire to lose weight for years. I didn't watch my diet at all until I suffered a major health problem because of my poor eating habits. Someone from the sports center in Denver suggested that I join in their different sporting activities to help me lose weight. Perhaps you can do the same and enroll yourself in a sports club. Glendale is such a magnificent city for providing many training centers to keep us healthy.

Zi said...

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Hampster said...

I have two words for you and I want you to pay attention to both words: *POLE*FITNESS*.

Think about it. Let it swish around in your mouth a bit. Ok now consider the benefits:

1. Its great for women. All the bone-building body-toning benefits you get with weight lifting, you'll get while twirling around a pole. Twirling around a pole is more fun IMO.

2. You don't need a gym. 250 dinero gets you a "professional" grade pole from Lil'Mynx or X-Pole that you can put up and take down in minutes in your own home. Both if you were to join a dance studio, its also fun to be part of the community.

3. Its fun cuz its dance.

My two cents.

Melody Yeung said...

you lose more weight changing your diet than making extra time to fit in a longer more grueling work out.