Thursday, July 1, 2010

Like Butta

So the highlighter hell has been banished and now we're soaking in a new yellow courtesy of mr. and mrs. a-z. I don't love it but anything is better than highlighter hell.

Contrary to Behr's name for it (Bicycle Yellow), it doesn't evoke thoughts of biking through a field of poppies on a warm sunny day... at least that's what i think of when i hear the name. It's more of a margarine yellow - but more muted.

like the yellow of Office Depot's "self stick notes" - but not Post its. Two different yellows.

Or the yellow of my yummy shoes. Yum. (Just got them in yesterday. Tis on sale at JCrew!)

Whatever it is, we're living with it for now. I think I'm realizing that I don't like the contrast between the yellow and my blue gray walls in the dining nook. I don't know. HELP ME DAVID BROMSTAD!!!

In other house decorating news, I stopped by a couple Goodwills and scored some frames. We emptied them out, painted them black, and hopefully they'll make an appearance on the picture wall before we leave for the weekend. Though I'm not holding my breath, especially because I still have three frames on the wall empty except for the mats and it's only been about a year since they went up. :)

Have a happy weekend!