Monday, June 21, 2010

highlighter yellow

is the current color of my kitchen walls.

I have failed, internet. Terribly. Our kitchen walls were painted in flat paint when we first moved in (I don't know why) and since then, steam, splatters, and general kitcheneering has left the walls less than stellar. Since we recently found out that K gets a discount at Sherwin Williams (the mouse has hook ups all over the land), we hit up the local store to get some paint. I had originally settled on a color called "Butter Up", bright but pretty in a good yellow sort of way. I then saw the paint chip for "Confident Yellow" and decided that would be a better choice. Brighter. Poppier. And who doesn't love a confident yellow?! I was worried it'd be too bright but since the kitchen has only about 2 mm of wall space, I thought it would be ok. So wrong, internet. So very wrong.

I hung out with MOH for a dinner and movie on Saturday night and when I came home, K had painted most of the walls in Confident Yellow in all its brilliance. My reaction: muffled scream in my head. It is the kind of yellow that sears your eyeballs, even in the dark. You walk into the kitchen, you see it, you want to turn the other way. So very, very bad. Knowing that he had already put on 3 coats, I tried to remain optimistic and withhold judgment until I could see it during the day in natural sunlight. Some hours later after the sun came up, I walked into the kitchen and the white cabinets literally glowed with Confident Yellow. Glowed. Just like a highlighter on a white page.

We both agreed, this just cannot be. I cannot cook in Highlighter Hell. Lucky for us, a friend has extra primer and my new neighbors/BFFs mr. and mrs. a-z has some yellow left over from their bathroom that may work, so hopefully my poor judgement will be rectified soon.

David Bromstad is somewhere judging me right now.


dapotato said...

sorry, but i laughed. i have a really good benjamin moore yellow if you need it/your friend's leftover yellow doesn't work out (but yes, BM is on the expensive side).

those little samples they have at benjamin moore are great because you can paint a 2'x2' bit of your wall first to see it in the space w/the lighting in the space. i used to tell clients to pick 2-3 colors and do mockups first. just a tip for any future color picking out. ;)

weezermonkey said...

Remember, "confident" is only a euphemism for "arrogant."

Sorry your walls are so conceited and overbearing.

Lilcee said...

I'm sorry but I am laughing w/ you? I have some leftover yellow too from lei's room if you'd like to take a look. It's a pretty yellow and taters helped pick it out. You can't go wrong w/ tater's opinion.

wan said...

hmmm. i was pretty set on painting the new kitchen yellow, but now you're scaring me a little.

Winnie said...

But, you don't even have to turn on the lights in the kitchen at night since the walls glow in the dark? :)