Friday, June 25, 2010

Le shoebox decorating continues.

Here are some snapshots of the highlighter yellow. I promise it's much more jarring and bring in real life. It's like this paint color is mocking me even when I try to take a picture of it. Weezermonkey was right. Curse you, conceited yellow!

This is the yellow that mr. & mrs. a-z left for us. It's the Behr bicycle yellow.

I hope it works. K got some primer from his coworker so we're ready to rock. And if it doesn't rock, we're pretty much stuck with it.

As we're revamping the kitchen, we're adding a couple more things as well. K just picked up this Toy Story 3 poster from work.

It's a big poster intended for the theaters that'll fit perfectly in a frame we already own and since I loved the movie SO much, it's going up on the wall. We get several movie posters from time to time, but this is the only one I've loved enough to put up. (Really, if you haven't watched it - go do so immediately.)

K and I are in less agreement over this Savannah Story Bust:

I saw it on the anthropologie website and took K in see it in person. He asked me to explain it's appeal. I rambled on about how I love text/books and thought it'd be a cool visual pop off the wall, but after the highlighter yellow disaster, I don't blame him for thinking I'm crazy. I don't blame any of you for thinking the same. :) I'll wait for my rhino to go on sale and let y'all know how it goes.

Monday, June 21, 2010

highlighter yellow

is the current color of my kitchen walls.

I have failed, internet. Terribly. Our kitchen walls were painted in flat paint when we first moved in (I don't know why) and since then, steam, splatters, and general kitcheneering has left the walls less than stellar. Since we recently found out that K gets a discount at Sherwin Williams (the mouse has hook ups all over the land), we hit up the local store to get some paint. I had originally settled on a color called "Butter Up", bright but pretty in a good yellow sort of way. I then saw the paint chip for "Confident Yellow" and decided that would be a better choice. Brighter. Poppier. And who doesn't love a confident yellow?! I was worried it'd be too bright but since the kitchen has only about 2 mm of wall space, I thought it would be ok. So wrong, internet. So very wrong.

I hung out with MOH for a dinner and movie on Saturday night and when I came home, K had painted most of the walls in Confident Yellow in all its brilliance. My reaction: muffled scream in my head. It is the kind of yellow that sears your eyeballs, even in the dark. You walk into the kitchen, you see it, you want to turn the other way. So very, very bad. Knowing that he had already put on 3 coats, I tried to remain optimistic and withhold judgment until I could see it during the day in natural sunlight. Some hours later after the sun came up, I walked into the kitchen and the white cabinets literally glowed with Confident Yellow. Glowed. Just like a highlighter on a white page.

We both agreed, this just cannot be. I cannot cook in Highlighter Hell. Lucky for us, a friend has extra primer and my new neighbors/BFFs mr. and mrs. a-z has some yellow left over from their bathroom that may work, so hopefully my poor judgement will be rectified soon.

David Bromstad is somewhere judging me right now.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada

... because they said so.

The Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada, located in Glendale and Silverlake (I hit the Glendale outpost) has the simplest menu I have ever seen outside of a food truck.

Difficult to see here, but your choices are: fish, shrimp, drinks. That's it!

Basically they give you fried shrimp or tacos in a tortilla and you can add your own shredded cabbage, a variety of salsa, and sour cream out of a pump.

If the variety of salsa is what is being sold here, they really should take care to make sure that the salsas are looking good and fresh. We went for lunch at noon with just a few others there and the salsa bowls were either practically empty or half way there. Even with the 5 options of salsas, I wasn't impressed with the selection - again, if the salsa is the selling point here. I love everything fried so the fish and shrimp itself were fine to me. They also had a selection of horchata and some sort of jimaca (sp?) drink but I didn't try those. Sodas come in a can in a fridge next to the counter.

I'll probably never make it to Ensenada to try the legitimate fish tacos but I hope I find better options than this one.

Have a happy day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tik Tok

It was one of those weekends that made me glad to be back at work. I love three-day weekends and get all Ke$ha as I head out the door but then tend to overdo it and then long for routine and a regular sleeping schedule.

This past Memorial Day weekend was super special because dear friends Dancing Queen and got married! They were married at Irvine Presbyterian Church followed by a celebration at Celebrations by Turnip Rose (hee), not to be confused with the Grand Newport Plaza. I've never attended/worked a wedding there so I was doubly excited. Sadly, when I get excited, I take no photos. Holding a camera to my face makes me feel like I have to stop for a moment and separate from what's happening to snap a photo, so I tend not to. Plus the fact that there are 6917427 cameras going at the same time helps me to know that someone, somewhere, has the moment documented. You'll just have to believe me when I say it was fun and there was an ice cream sundae bar. love love love.

At one point I thought to myself, this place looks like a club only to hear the Waddles tell me that they had indeed been clubbing there once! Good eye, jane.

Photo from website.

My mac desktop has made me the go to person for wedding slideshows. Thanks iMovie! Here's what I whipped up for this one. It literally is drag, drop, and play with some cheesetastic goodness in between. Yum.:

Congrats you two!!

After a night of fun that lasted longer than it should have, we decided to hit up Disneyland the next day. I took the occasion to sport my new hat but ended up a little more Indiana Jones than I had anticipated.

We had a super fun time because Wasaii is the BEST tourist ever. He brings his own chair, snacks, EVERY thing. It was really, really fun. Please note said chair and across the body bag filled with snack and temporary tattoos. :)

And the best part? WE SPOTTED LOTSA LOTSO BEARS!!! They smelled like strawberries. Literally. Really, they do. Go smell one.

I sadly did not see the real one.