Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Phone Photo Dump 5.25.10

Sometimes it's fun looking through the pictures it phone. It documents life better than I remember it. Note to self: take more pictures on phone.

The Mouse commissioned a few food trucks at K's work one day to make up for the temporary closing of the on-site commissary. I made my way there for lunch to try Buttermilk. French toast and taro pancake. Yum and fun!

Like weezermonkey, I don't avidly follow food trucks or go out of my way to get to them. I also won't wait hours to try one. I think this makes them more yum and fun.
Also tried the Calbi truck that day. Pretty tasty. The veggies inside the burrito gave it a surprising fresh bite.

Had the pleasure of working a wedding at the Bel Air Bay Club for the first time. It was a super beautiful day but only if you were indoors and protected from the hurricane winds. Sadly, the ceremony was outdoors.

Part of the job: trial for petals to the bed for the newly weds at the Shangri-La.

Energy purchased a set of Bang along with all of its expansion packs called Bang! The Bullet! The cards are packed in a bullet case and it comes with a sheriff's badge!!! A Sheriff's Badge!!! (First photo come from Amazon)

I proceeded to wear it throughout 2 games even when I wasn't the Sheriff. Such a Renegade.

This next picture was taken immediately after the group of people in this picture broke my heart by deleting the picture of Sleeping Beauty's castle lit up for Christmas from my phone's wallpaper. They tried to make up for it with this group picture to replace it. I think not.

Ceiling at Newport Seafood Restaurant in Temple City. No pictures of the lobsters.

Insert your own caption here!

Have a great day!


dapotato said...

this reminds me...i need to dump my phone pics, too. that pup is too cute.

weezermonkey said...

I've heard Buttermilk is good! Glad you liked it!

wan said...

i love looking at the random photos in my phone. a lot of them were snapped by the bean.