Monday, May 3, 2010

I Die

Recently had the privilege to take a teenager to go prom dress shopping. How is it that I suddenly jumped from young adult to full-fledge adult who doesn't quite understand current teenage trends? I was all Carrie Bradshaw overpowered by beautiful things and she was more Jenny Humphrey more enamored with adulthood than anything else on the racks.

Her choice:

My choice:

My choice:

Her choice:

She was a super good sport and tried on many more things that she wouldn't be caught dead in at prom so it was really fun. I know that are her age I wouldn't have listened to some YOUNG adult tell me what looked amazing - no matter how awesome she was. I'd rather her feel comfortable as we know how teenagers have a tendency to be awkward x 2343918. :) We did manage to choose a dress out of the millions she tried on so hooray for us!

A tip to any other prom dress hunters: We found a lot of great things at the Macy's in Pasadena and noticed that they had a better selection than the Macy's in Glendale.

And because I love blogs where I see what people wear and real life:

Necklaces from Forever 21 and Nordstroms
Juicy Couture flats

Happy shopping!


weezermonkey said...

Your choices are far superior.

That first dress looks hookerish.

wan said...

totally agree about macy's in pasadena (on lake). they've always had a great dress selection.

[giggling at "YOUNG adult"]

dapotato said...

i like your outfit the best.

Winnie said...

So I take it my gunmetal-color ballgown prom dress is no longer in fashion?

DEAD said...

HEy DEAR...HoW'z U
i HoPE u V'll b FIne N sHIne....
/\/ NyCE,blog
PLZzZ Help
I'M need SoME mEmBER....caN u HeLp me....
My BloG iz