Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, K!

We celebrated my husband's birthday last week and concluded with a round a golf and lunch on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with him! He has declared that he will not write thank you notes so this will have to do. Don't judge me - judge him. :)

While he was golfing in the morning, Way and I put up some decorations in the shoe box. The wonderful thing about living in a shoe box is that party decorating is a snap. I never hesitate to rearrange furniture and it doesn't take a lot to fill up the room.

Since the Laker game was on that evening, the colors for the party were pre-determined. I snapped this picture a full day later while K was catching up on his Chinese dramas. He has hinted that I should leave the decorations up until the Lakers win the championship this year.

Since we were having lunch at a restaurant, when guests came over, I just had to serve snacks for the game. K loves (L-O-V-E-S) Chinese snacks and so I served the in pretty little packages.

There were also calbee chips in purple paper bags wrapped with yellow ribbons but I forgot to snap a picture.

The most time consuming part of decorating were these banners, but they still went pretty quick. I divided a 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper into fours, stacked them together, quickly scribbled the outline of the letter and cut it as a whole stack of 4. I used scotch tape to attach it to some kitchen twine and voila!

Woo-Z and Tracy brought K a cupcake from crumbs that we enjoyed later on. (Thank you!)

Totally a casual and fabulous way to celebrate K's birthday. Happy birthday love!


dapotato said...

very cute decor. even the bear would have appreciated it, and he hates "clutter" as he calls most decorations.

happy birthday, k! your wife rocks.

wan said...

i LOVE the decorations! so sweet.

happy birthday to k!

Phung said...

it looks awesome! hope kevi had a great bday!!

Stephanie said...

You're the best wifey ever!

p.s. I LOVE the banners!

Mary Marantz said...

Fruit flavored beef jerkey?! That's a new one! :) Looks like an awesome time!

Enway said...

HINTED?! I thought we stated pretty blatantly that the streamers (at least) should stay up! FOREVER.

Winnie said...

Happy birthday, K! Love the decor. LOVE how you packaged the food to fit the theme!