Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cupcake Table

Helping MOH with her wedding was pretty much akin to planning my own wedding. For the past year or more, we were exchanging emails daily - more like hourly - sending inspiration pictures and brainstorming. I loved it because MOH and I really get each other's sense of style and aesthetic so our conversations would usually devolve into a flurry of "That is UH-MAY-ZING" or "I DIE - in the best Rachel Zoe way."

One of my proudest moments of creation was the cupcake table. Channeling my inner Amy Atlas, I was trying to describe what I thought would be a great set up. ("The key is to create levels. LEVELS!") I initially wanted an entire backdrop of ribbon but considering that Papa MOH was building the backdrop, we had to downscale. This is what we came up with:

And this is what turned out:

I think it's a great way to incorporate some sort of backdrop without creating a whole wall. Super awesome because we got to use the feather centerpieces from MOH's bridal shower.

The coordinator missed the cupcakes on top of the backdrop but it's still cute right?
The box in the back and the cake box was constructed by Papa Cheng using leftover door trip and molding from a recent home renovation project.
The fabric was purchased at Michael Levine and staple gunned to the box.
The letters and heart are from Michaels and are attached via a small nail from behind.
The cake stands were purchased from HomeGoods.
The cake topper was a Juicy Couture key fob that we got for MOH to celebrate her engagement. She removed the key rings from fob and the baker put a little plate of support to keep the ring on top of the cake.
The cupcakes were delish and from a bakery in Long Beach whose name I can't remember. (ETA: Cupcakes by For the Love of Sugar. MOH purchased the cupcake liners and they gladly obliged.)

Photos courtesy of one of the groomsmen. :) I can't wait to show you more when she gets the pro pics!


dapotato said...

SO cute! love your sketch. for the love of sugar did my wedding cake, too. :)

wan said...

wow, that is pretty fantastic. nice!

That's Ron said...

that looks awesome!!

Winnie said...

I love your sketch! Very professional-looking. Terrific idea.