Sunday, May 16, 2010

Arclight, Pasadena

I take the movie-going experience very seriously. I sink myself right into the movie and suspend all logical reasoning. I'm the girl crying, laughing too loudly, yelling (at the actors, of course, because they can hear me. Obvs.) and shrieking in fear. Even if the movie is bad, I become so irate that the movie lingers with me anyway. Watching a movie is a commitment I'm not always willing to make and for this reason, we don't go out to the movies often. I have to really, REALLY want to see a movie to actually go to a theater to watch it.

Recently, by Energy's crazy hype, I was convinced that I wanted to see Iron Man 2 and managed to convince 10 other people to go with me. It was Saturday of its opening weekend and I had no desire to wait in line for 2 hours to watch this movie so we (I) decided to give the new Arclight in Pasadena a try because of the fabulous assigned seating concept. We had been to the Arclight in Hollywood and really loved it so I was excited.

The new Arclight was converted from an old Pacific Theater at Paseo Colorado and because it had a new bar, I was convinced that the sound and picture quality would be have been upped as well. (I'm not sure of the exact correlation between a bar and the AV quality of a theater.) My hopes were further hyped by the chicken apple sausage on the menu (But WHY for the love of all things tasty, would you run OUT of them on a 9 P.M. Saturday Night show?!) and of course, the caramel corn. But my drool could not deceive my eyes.

The chairs were definitely changed to label them for the fabulous assigned seating, but in terms of size and feel, I'm pretty sure they were the same ones that the Pacific Theaters were using. The sound and picture quality were ... the same. When I've watched a movie at the Arclight in Hollywood, I felt completely engulfed by the screen in a good way. I suspect that a part of this has to do with the stadium seating set up in so many theaters. We were pretty high up and at times I felt like I was looking down at Iron Man. When you're looking down at Iron Man, the magic is pretty much gone from the experience. Not that the movie was magical to begin with but that's a whole other blog post for a another time. *shakes fist*

A ticket to a movie at the Arclight is about $15 and given that adults pay about $10+ for a movie at other theaters, I'll be back. I will gladly pay the extra money to avoid waiting in line to grab a seat since movies at the theater are not a regular habit at the shoebox. And to eat more caramel corn. You got me good, Arclight.


dapotato said...

that caramel corn looks really good. and i do like the preassigned seating niceness of the arclight.

wan said...

this is fab, because i've been wanting to hit up the new arclight!

Yay Me said...

i can't even think of a comment to describe what i just read