Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Phone Photo Dump 5.25.10

Sometimes it's fun looking through the pictures it phone. It documents life better than I remember it. Note to self: take more pictures on phone.

The Mouse commissioned a few food trucks at K's work one day to make up for the temporary closing of the on-site commissary. I made my way there for lunch to try Buttermilk. French toast and taro pancake. Yum and fun!

Like weezermonkey, I don't avidly follow food trucks or go out of my way to get to them. I also won't wait hours to try one. I think this makes them more yum and fun.
Also tried the Calbi truck that day. Pretty tasty. The veggies inside the burrito gave it a surprising fresh bite.

Had the pleasure of working a wedding at the Bel Air Bay Club for the first time. It was a super beautiful day but only if you were indoors and protected from the hurricane winds. Sadly, the ceremony was outdoors.

Part of the job: trial for petals to the bed for the newly weds at the Shangri-La.

Energy purchased a set of Bang along with all of its expansion packs called Bang! The Bullet! The cards are packed in a bullet case and it comes with a sheriff's badge!!! A Sheriff's Badge!!! (First photo come from Amazon)

I proceeded to wear it throughout 2 games even when I wasn't the Sheriff. Such a Renegade.

This next picture was taken immediately after the group of people in this picture broke my heart by deleting the picture of Sleeping Beauty's castle lit up for Christmas from my phone's wallpaper. They tried to make up for it with this group picture to replace it. I think not.

Ceiling at Newport Seafood Restaurant in Temple City. No pictures of the lobsters.

Insert your own caption here!

Have a great day!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Arclight, Pasadena

I take the movie-going experience very seriously. I sink myself right into the movie and suspend all logical reasoning. I'm the girl crying, laughing too loudly, yelling (at the actors, of course, because they can hear me. Obvs.) and shrieking in fear. Even if the movie is bad, I become so irate that the movie lingers with me anyway. Watching a movie is a commitment I'm not always willing to make and for this reason, we don't go out to the movies often. I have to really, REALLY want to see a movie to actually go to a theater to watch it.

Recently, by Energy's crazy hype, I was convinced that I wanted to see Iron Man 2 and managed to convince 10 other people to go with me. It was Saturday of its opening weekend and I had no desire to wait in line for 2 hours to watch this movie so we (I) decided to give the new Arclight in Pasadena a try because of the fabulous assigned seating concept. We had been to the Arclight in Hollywood and really loved it so I was excited.

The new Arclight was converted from an old Pacific Theater at Paseo Colorado and because it had a new bar, I was convinced that the sound and picture quality would be have been upped as well. (I'm not sure of the exact correlation between a bar and the AV quality of a theater.) My hopes were further hyped by the chicken apple sausage on the menu (But WHY for the love of all things tasty, would you run OUT of them on a 9 P.M. Saturday Night show?!) and of course, the caramel corn. But my drool could not deceive my eyes.

The chairs were definitely changed to label them for the fabulous assigned seating, but in terms of size and feel, I'm pretty sure they were the same ones that the Pacific Theaters were using. The sound and picture quality were ... the same. When I've watched a movie at the Arclight in Hollywood, I felt completely engulfed by the screen in a good way. I suspect that a part of this has to do with the stadium seating set up in so many theaters. We were pretty high up and at times I felt like I was looking down at Iron Man. When you're looking down at Iron Man, the magic is pretty much gone from the experience. Not that the movie was magical to begin with but that's a whole other blog post for a another time. *shakes fist*

A ticket to a movie at the Arclight is about $15 and given that adults pay about $10+ for a movie at other theaters, I'll be back. I will gladly pay the extra money to avoid waiting in line to grab a seat since movies at the theater are not a regular habit at the shoebox. And to eat more caramel corn. You got me good, Arclight.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, K!

We celebrated my husband's birthday last week and concluded with a round a golf and lunch on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with him! He has declared that he will not write thank you notes so this will have to do. Don't judge me - judge him. :)

While he was golfing in the morning, Way and I put up some decorations in the shoe box. The wonderful thing about living in a shoe box is that party decorating is a snap. I never hesitate to rearrange furniture and it doesn't take a lot to fill up the room.

Since the Laker game was on that evening, the colors for the party were pre-determined. I snapped this picture a full day later while K was catching up on his Chinese dramas. He has hinted that I should leave the decorations up until the Lakers win the championship this year.

Since we were having lunch at a restaurant, when guests came over, I just had to serve snacks for the game. K loves (L-O-V-E-S) Chinese snacks and so I served the in pretty little packages.

There were also calbee chips in purple paper bags wrapped with yellow ribbons but I forgot to snap a picture.

The most time consuming part of decorating were these banners, but they still went pretty quick. I divided a 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper into fours, stacked them together, quickly scribbled the outline of the letter and cut it as a whole stack of 4. I used scotch tape to attach it to some kitchen twine and voila!

Woo-Z and Tracy brought K a cupcake from crumbs that we enjoyed later on. (Thank you!)

Totally a casual and fabulous way to celebrate K's birthday. Happy birthday love!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cupcake Table

Helping MOH with her wedding was pretty much akin to planning my own wedding. For the past year or more, we were exchanging emails daily - more like hourly - sending inspiration pictures and brainstorming. I loved it because MOH and I really get each other's sense of style and aesthetic so our conversations would usually devolve into a flurry of "That is UH-MAY-ZING" or "I DIE - in the best Rachel Zoe way."

One of my proudest moments of creation was the cupcake table. Channeling my inner Amy Atlas, I was trying to describe what I thought would be a great set up. ("The key is to create levels. LEVELS!") I initially wanted an entire backdrop of ribbon but considering that Papa MOH was building the backdrop, we had to downscale. This is what we came up with:

And this is what turned out:

I think it's a great way to incorporate some sort of backdrop without creating a whole wall. Super awesome because we got to use the feather centerpieces from MOH's bridal shower.

The coordinator missed the cupcakes on top of the backdrop but it's still cute right?
The box in the back and the cake box was constructed by Papa Cheng using leftover door trip and molding from a recent home renovation project.
The fabric was purchased at Michael Levine and staple gunned to the box.
The letters and heart are from Michaels and are attached via a small nail from behind.
The cake stands were purchased from HomeGoods.
The cake topper was a Juicy Couture key fob that we got for MOH to celebrate her engagement. She removed the key rings from fob and the baker put a little plate of support to keep the ring on top of the cake.
The cupcakes were delish and from a bakery in Long Beach whose name I can't remember. (ETA: Cupcakes by For the Love of Sugar. MOH purchased the cupcake liners and they gladly obliged.)

Photos courtesy of one of the groomsmen. :) I can't wait to show you more when she gets the pro pics!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I Die

Recently had the privilege to take a teenager to go prom dress shopping. How is it that I suddenly jumped from young adult to full-fledge adult who doesn't quite understand current teenage trends? I was all Carrie Bradshaw overpowered by beautiful things and she was more Jenny Humphrey more enamored with adulthood than anything else on the racks.

Her choice:

My choice:

My choice:

Her choice:

She was a super good sport and tried on many more things that she wouldn't be caught dead in at prom so it was really fun. I know that are her age I wouldn't have listened to some YOUNG adult tell me what looked amazing - no matter how awesome she was. I'd rather her feel comfortable as we know how teenagers have a tendency to be awkward x 2343918. :) We did manage to choose a dress out of the millions she tried on so hooray for us!

A tip to any other prom dress hunters: We found a lot of great things at the Macy's in Pasadena and noticed that they had a better selection than the Macy's in Glendale.

And because I love blogs where I see what people wear and real life:

Necklaces from Forever 21 and Nordstroms
Juicy Couture flats

Happy shopping!