Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zac Posen for Target

I completely forgot that Zac Posen's collection for Target was hitting the stores until I wandered in for some snacks the other day. Since the collection dropped on April 25th and I made it in a full 3 days after that, much of the stuff was gone but I managed to snatch up this brocade skirt.

I debated for a good 15 minutes about it. I don't usually wear short skirts and because I'm not sure I wanted to spend $50 on it. But the fabric was so pretty and the pleating is absolutely darling. I totally envision it with a looser t-shirt tucked in also with some sandals that I've got coming from Gilt. Or possibly a camisole with a longer cardigan. Anything to keep it casual to balance out the gold brocade fabric. I agree with the reviewer on the Target site about the zipper being a bit difficult but nothing to the point where I wouldn't buy it.

There were only two left and one was in my size so that was my ultimately deciding factor. I figure I can return it if I decide I really didn't want it. In case you're curious, the other was a size 1 or 3 so if your waist is the size of my thigh - go nuts! :)

I was hoping to see the dress version of the skirt in person but of course, it wasn't in stock. Nicky Hilton seemed to like it!

I also happened upon a couple of the Eugenia Kim fedoras that weren't there when her collection dropped. Big disappointment. I genuinely wanted to love and buy one because the colors/design are adorable but the quality is horrible. I'd rather pay an extra $15 for the ones at Urban Outfitters. *sad face*


wan said...

we saw a few of the ZP dresses last week. i was actually rather unimpressed. and i think the stuff is overpriced for target.

your skirt is super cute, though!

Winnie said...

Cute skirt!

Keith L. Jennings said...

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