Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ode to the Bacon Cheddar Bagel

Bagel bagel bagel! I love Peter Sagal.
Not that he has anything to do, with the bacon cheddar bagel.
Bagels are chock full of calories we know, so it couldn't hurt add something more to the dough.
Lovebirds Cafe meets my needs with a full strip of bacon where there were sesame seeds!
Nevermind that my vanilla latte was bad; while chewing on bacon and cheddar I could never be sad.
Forget the scale and the measuring tape. Today, my friends, I'm filling out my growing shape.


wan said...

ah, how i love posts that rhyme.

dapotato said...

dude. must try. i ate a jalapeno cheddar bagel every day for two weeks straight this semester.