Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Crowning Glory

My hair and I have never had a good relationship. In elementary school, my mom kept my hair short as most little girls in Hong Kong wore their hair that way. Here in the states, though, were long pony tales whipping around the playground. Of course I wanted one. I grew my hair out long enough to have some semblance of a ponytail but the shorts strands at the nape of my neck would refuse to be gathered in the elastic so I did what any rational kid would do: I cut it off. Words cannot convey how ridiculous I looked but it was nothing compared to how frustrated I was at not having a pony tail.

Over the years, I've learned a lot about my hair. Like it's thick on the sides, but thin on top. (True story! I can already envision the bald spot I'll be sporting.) It doesn't hold any type of curl or blow out for longer than 30 seconds, but curls do end up looking like a blow out by the end of the day. And it is physically impossible for me to maintain those gorgeous side-swept bangs. Or any bangs for that matter. All of this is not for lack of trying and I'm just at the beginning of being OK with it all. That hair is such an emotional matter is something I won't even have to explain to most of you.

For MOH's wedding this weekend (eeek!!!!) I had to dig around for some hair inspiration for myself. So far I like these:

As long as the curls hold for the pre-ceremony photos, I'm golden!

I'm not even sure I have enough hair for this but I'll let the professional figure it out.

I could rock this but it's a bit too stark for the feel of the wedding.

One trick I've come to love for short hair is hair accessories! It adds a lot without doing a lot for my stick-straight strands. I have MOH's permission to wear a bow and I'm borrowing similar to it (in black) from a friend so it's likely I'll try it with the hairstyle in the first picture.

From (

I've possibly decided to grow my hair out again. In the meantime, do you have any short hair tips for everyday and special occasions?


weezermonkey said...

I tried a cute headband at J. Crew a few weekends ago.

The salesgirl laughed at me.

I put it back.

wan said...

i love short 'dos - you don't have to do much to them to dress 'em up for fancy occasions.

all i did for my brother's wedding was pull up one side and throw a flower in. voila.

Winnie said...

Coincidentally, I thought about you and your hair earlier this week when I briefly thought about cutting my hair short like you did . . . and then I remembered that my face is much rounder than yours and I wouldn't look as good with short hair.

Anyway, I really like the first inspiration picture! I think you'll look really cute.

dapotato said...

i loved my short hair. a little bit of product would bring curls out of my wavy, textured hair. using a small flatiron, i could get curls or a cute, piecey look. but alas you have the stick straight hair i covet.

for a wedding i was in with short hair, they just curled my hair then strategically pinned back pieces of it so it almost looked like an updo especially from the front. in the back, it was just curly and pinned like the first couple of your inspiration pics.

acessories for short hair are awesome, too.