Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

In le shoebox, there is not much room for mirrors. There is one full-length mirror and its mounted on the inside of a closet door. It - for better or worse - is a Skinny Mirror. Every morning when I get dressed and check myself in the Skinny Mirror, I am all Heidi Klum 6 weeks after giving birth on the VS runway thanks to Skinny Mirror. The illusion is mostly maintained throughout the day because full-length mirrors don't exist in The School. I'm grateful for this until I'm smacked in the face by some unforgiving plate glass windows. I wish all mirrors were skinny mirrors or for that matter, all eyes were skinny eyes.

What makes a mirror a skinny mirror? There should be a specialty in interior design specifically for this area.

If I ever have more room for full-length mirrors in the home, I hope it's one of these:

Won't function well for getting dressed purposes but is definitely beautiful. (from this is glamorous)

Big. Bold. Borderline scary. (from The Old French Mirror Co.)

Piece de resistance in any dressing room. Drool. The stuff from this site is so decadent and expensive, it should be illegal. (from brocade home)

Here's to all skinny mirrors who never fail to give some love. Cheers!


wan said...

the thimble we live in leaves little room for mirrors, too. this is my excuse for walking out of the house a hot mess most days.

Winnie said...

The only full-length mirror in my place is in the second bedroom. That's my excuse for my crappy outfit choices.

dapotato said...

we have a skinny mirror that i bought at a k-mart in upstate new york. it's not cute at all, but it's cheap and a skinny mirror.

i'm thinking cheaper mirrors will tend to be skinny mirrors because the lower quality the glass, the greater the probability of distortion. just made that all up but it sounds good, no?