Friday, April 16, 2010


Every Pam has her Dwight so of course Jam would have her Jwight. Except Jwight makes Jam clench her right fist prepared for a quick jab rather than giddy with humor.

Jwight likes Jam to make appointments for him on his Outlook calendar even if the person requesting the appointment is on the phone with him whilst he is sitting in front of his own computer. He will take the time to write emails and provide Jam's contact information over the phone to people who'd like to meet with him but will not make his own appointments. Even Jichael makes his own appointments.

Jwight is the only person at The School who asks Jam to file things. Everyone else manages their own files. Even Jichael.

Jwight does not start any request with "Hello" or "Good morning/afternoon." His opening line is, "I need..."

Be good to the Pams in your life. :)

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dapotato said...

i once was a pam. damn dwights.