Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Free-for-All

When I was younger I thought "free-for-all" was one word and it sounded like freefrall. It totally made sense. "That party was awesome! The kids went nuts on the pinata and it was a complete FREEFRALL!" Right? No? Ok.

The older, wiser me keeps Friday lunches as my person free-for-all. (And if it's personal, is it really a free for all?) I usually pack my lunches from dinner the night before or will have a salad and soup at Panera but on Fridays, I indulge myself with lovely meals that are starchy, fried, and will send you into food coma for the rest of the day. Ah, Fridays.

Today I hit up Vicious Dogs for a bacon wrapped dog, coke, and fries.

I added bbq sauce and some onions. Nothing spectacular but it'll definitely cure you if you're in the mood for low key food to enjoy. There's a lot of choices on the menu but I'm not super adventurous and I don't eat spicy foods so bacon wrapped dog it is! The owner, Willy, is super nice and contributes to the comfortable, local feel. The place recently merged with a cupcake place down the street and they've set up a counter inside Vicious Dogs where you can buy a monster cupcake for $25. It's a giant cupcake.

My only complaint about this place is that there is a mirror filling much of the wall in front of the counter where there is most of the seating. I don't like glancing up from my fries and catching my own image. I don't think you'd like it either:

Hope your Fridays are going well!!

ETA: Um ... I just googled freefrall and I'm confused. It's not a word, right?


dapotato said...

OMG. LOVE that last pic of you.

this post is 2nd when i google "freefrall." try urban dictionary maybe?

weezermonkey said...


wan said...

i think "freefrall" SHOULD be a word.

in fact, let's just make it so.

Winnie said...

The last picture is hilarious. I indulge every single day at lunch. No wonder why I've gained so much weight in the last 6 months.