Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Free-for-All

When I was younger I thought "free-for-all" was one word and it sounded like freefrall. It totally made sense. "That party was awesome! The kids went nuts on the pinata and it was a complete FREEFRALL!" Right? No? Ok.

The older, wiser me keeps Friday lunches as my person free-for-all. (And if it's personal, is it really a free for all?) I usually pack my lunches from dinner the night before or will have a salad and soup at Panera but on Fridays, I indulge myself with lovely meals that are starchy, fried, and will send you into food coma for the rest of the day. Ah, Fridays.

Today I hit up Vicious Dogs for a bacon wrapped dog, coke, and fries.

I added bbq sauce and some onions. Nothing spectacular but it'll definitely cure you if you're in the mood for low key food to enjoy. There's a lot of choices on the menu but I'm not super adventurous and I don't eat spicy foods so bacon wrapped dog it is! The owner, Willy, is super nice and contributes to the comfortable, local feel. The place recently merged with a cupcake place down the street and they've set up a counter inside Vicious Dogs where you can buy a monster cupcake for $25. It's a giant cupcake.

My only complaint about this place is that there is a mirror filling much of the wall in front of the counter where there is most of the seating. I don't like glancing up from my fries and catching my own image. I don't think you'd like it either:

Hope your Fridays are going well!!

ETA: Um ... I just googled freefrall and I'm confused. It's not a word, right?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zac Posen for Target

I completely forgot that Zac Posen's collection for Target was hitting the stores until I wandered in for some snacks the other day. Since the collection dropped on April 25th and I made it in a full 3 days after that, much of the stuff was gone but I managed to snatch up this brocade skirt.

I debated for a good 15 minutes about it. I don't usually wear short skirts and because I'm not sure I wanted to spend $50 on it. But the fabric was so pretty and the pleating is absolutely darling. I totally envision it with a looser t-shirt tucked in also with some sandals that I've got coming from Gilt. Or possibly a camisole with a longer cardigan. Anything to keep it casual to balance out the gold brocade fabric. I agree with the reviewer on the Target site about the zipper being a bit difficult but nothing to the point where I wouldn't buy it.

There were only two left and one was in my size so that was my ultimately deciding factor. I figure I can return it if I decide I really didn't want it. In case you're curious, the other was a size 1 or 3 so if your waist is the size of my thigh - go nuts! :)

I was hoping to see the dress version of the skirt in person but of course, it wasn't in stock. Nicky Hilton seemed to like it!

I also happened upon a couple of the Eugenia Kim fedoras that weren't there when her collection dropped. Big disappointment. I genuinely wanted to love and buy one because the colors/design are adorable but the quality is horrible. I'd rather pay an extra $15 for the ones at Urban Outfitters. *sad face*

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Crowning Glory

My hair and I have never had a good relationship. In elementary school, my mom kept my hair short as most little girls in Hong Kong wore their hair that way. Here in the states, though, were long pony tales whipping around the playground. Of course I wanted one. I grew my hair out long enough to have some semblance of a ponytail but the shorts strands at the nape of my neck would refuse to be gathered in the elastic so I did what any rational kid would do: I cut it off. Words cannot convey how ridiculous I looked but it was nothing compared to how frustrated I was at not having a pony tail.

Over the years, I've learned a lot about my hair. Like it's thick on the sides, but thin on top. (True story! I can already envision the bald spot I'll be sporting.) It doesn't hold any type of curl or blow out for longer than 30 seconds, but curls do end up looking like a blow out by the end of the day. And it is physically impossible for me to maintain those gorgeous side-swept bangs. Or any bangs for that matter. All of this is not for lack of trying and I'm just at the beginning of being OK with it all. That hair is such an emotional matter is something I won't even have to explain to most of you.

For MOH's wedding this weekend (eeek!!!!) I had to dig around for some hair inspiration for myself. So far I like these:

As long as the curls hold for the pre-ceremony photos, I'm golden!

I'm not even sure I have enough hair for this but I'll let the professional figure it out.

I could rock this but it's a bit too stark for the feel of the wedding.

One trick I've come to love for short hair is hair accessories! It adds a lot without doing a lot for my stick-straight strands. I have MOH's permission to wear a bow and I'm borrowing similar to it (in black) from a friend so it's likely I'll try it with the hairstyle in the first picture.

From (

I've possibly decided to grow my hair out again. In the meantime, do you have any short hair tips for everyday and special occasions?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

In le shoebox, there is not much room for mirrors. There is one full-length mirror and its mounted on the inside of a closet door. It - for better or worse - is a Skinny Mirror. Every morning when I get dressed and check myself in the Skinny Mirror, I am all Heidi Klum 6 weeks after giving birth on the VS runway thanks to Skinny Mirror. The illusion is mostly maintained throughout the day because full-length mirrors don't exist in The School. I'm grateful for this until I'm smacked in the face by some unforgiving plate glass windows. I wish all mirrors were skinny mirrors or for that matter, all eyes were skinny eyes.

What makes a mirror a skinny mirror? There should be a specialty in interior design specifically for this area.

If I ever have more room for full-length mirrors in the home, I hope it's one of these:

Won't function well for getting dressed purposes but is definitely beautiful. (from this is glamorous)

Big. Bold. Borderline scary. (from The Old French Mirror Co.)

Piece de resistance in any dressing room. Drool. The stuff from this site is so decadent and expensive, it should be illegal. (from brocade home)

Here's to all skinny mirrors who never fail to give some love. Cheers!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A 15% coupon to Sephora makes me want to give my face some new products. I have other things in rotation but here's what I keep restocking.

MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved. Can't leave home without it - and waterproof to boot! It has a great creamy texture that glides on easy but unfortunately, the pencil doesn't last as long as I'd like it to. Sadly the 15% coupon won't apply to this.

Laura Mercier Foundation Powder. Meh. Could be better. I've never found a compact I really like.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Bisque. Love it! Easy to put on and a perfect alternative to regular foundation if you prefer a lighter coverage.

DiorShow Mascara. Luscious ... but all mascaras are pretty much the same in my book.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Friday, April 16, 2010


Every Pam has her Dwight so of course Jam would have her Jwight. Except Jwight makes Jam clench her right fist prepared for a quick jab rather than giddy with humor.

Jwight likes Jam to make appointments for him on his Outlook calendar even if the person requesting the appointment is on the phone with him whilst he is sitting in front of his own computer. He will take the time to write emails and provide Jam's contact information over the phone to people who'd like to meet with him but will not make his own appointments. Even Jichael makes his own appointments.

Jwight is the only person at The School who asks Jam to file things. Everyone else manages their own files. Even Jichael.

Jwight does not start any request with "Hello" or "Good morning/afternoon." His opening line is, "I need..."

Be good to the Pams in your life. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vogue, Vogue, Vogue

I stumbled on Brau Haus via yelp when I grew frustrated at weed whacking my face. I have been going faithfully for over the last 6 months or so and have really liked the results. Every time I go I feel like a new person!

It's an amazing concept: a salon focused on brows! (By amazing I mean novel to those of us who are are drawn to these things like moth to a flame.) They offer makeup and other bodyscaping services too, but I've only had my brows done there. About an hour ticked by during my first time there while Christina forming my brows, working like Michelangelo on David. My follow up appointments with Raquel have taken about half that time.

As with everything, it helps be clear about what you want and don't want. It seems that both ladies that worked on me prefer a more defined and thicker brow but I prefer the opposite and neither have had issues giving me what I want.

At the end of the appointment, Raquel always always makes sure dab a little something to reduce the redness and retouches my makeup so that I'm ready to roll right when I leave the chair. This is a great medium between the detailed attention and pampering you would get at a Burke Williams and the quick wax job at your local nail salon.

Tangent: The other day while browsing at Paseo Colorado, I saw a threading kiosk. A girl was laid back in a chair with the lady worked on her. Would you get your brows done out in the open as the mall passed you by?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ode to the Bacon Cheddar Bagel

Bagel bagel bagel! I love Peter Sagal.
Not that he has anything to do, with the bacon cheddar bagel.
Bagels are chock full of calories we know, so it couldn't hurt add something more to the dough.
Lovebirds Cafe meets my needs with a full strip of bacon where there were sesame seeds!
Nevermind that my vanilla latte was bad; while chewing on bacon and cheddar I could never be sad.
Forget the scale and the measuring tape. Today, my friends, I'm filling out my growing shape.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dear Almond Cakes (not you Almond Cookie),

Hello, lovely, crumbly, tasty, dry bite of goodness. Indeed, you are so dry that I cannot even eat you without chasing it with some milk lest I choke. I just polished off an entire box of you and I can't say I feel worse for the wear. So light and crumbly. How can something with lard in it be so crumbly?

Thanks for brightening my day.


Has anyone tried to make these things? They seem like they can only be replicated by elves! Much like macarons but at least I know winnie has already successfully replicated those - and she's no elf. :)