Thursday, March 25, 2010

For the love of texts

I am over again. These is about a week left in the month and I have *again* run out of texts. I've made a concerted effort to NOT text as much and I am STILL over my limit of 200 texts per month. *bangs head on phone. repeatedly.* I feel like I'm trying best already, but maybe you can help.

I don't respond to texts with one-word answers. I don't answer texts that don't require an immediate response. I don't text fun tidbits about my day. I DO text when I'm trying to get a message out to multiple people and I know said people won't see their emails. (I supposed I could call them. But texting is so much easier!) I DO text when I know the other person is unable to answer the phone and I want to get a message out to them. (Though it's not like they would die if they didn't get it.) I DO text my favorite cousin from time to time because he's at that age where that's the only way he communicates. (Though he's probably reading this from my facebook as well.)

I'm onto apps such as WhatsApp and Hello! that allows me to text others, but only when they have the same program. My friend, Real Housewife, told me about a $5 app I can buy that'll allow me to have unlimited texts. I'll have to ask her about that again.
What rubs me is being charged for incoming texts. How do I control what someone else wants to do?! Upgrading to unlimited texts is not an option as I would rather use that money for french fries and cokes. What's a girl to do? It's perhaps a good lesson on self-discipline. Whatever it is, for now, please email/facebook/whatsapp/hello!/call me. :)


wan said...

we have unlimited texts. there's no way i could keep track of how many we send/receive - it's worth it for us.

That's Ron said...

hahaha ... that pic is hilarious!

Gina F said...

I just think that talking on the phone you can say as much in a minute than in a text. I really don't text that often though. I rather talk on my phone. I also love that picture. It is hilarious. I enjoyed reading your blog. HAVE A FAB DAY!!!

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