Thursday, March 25, 2010

For the love of texts

I am over again. These is about a week left in the month and I have *again* run out of texts. I've made a concerted effort to NOT text as much and I am STILL over my limit of 200 texts per month. *bangs head on phone. repeatedly.* I feel like I'm trying best already, but maybe you can help.

I don't respond to texts with one-word answers. I don't answer texts that don't require an immediate response. I don't text fun tidbits about my day. I DO text when I'm trying to get a message out to multiple people and I know said people won't see their emails. (I supposed I could call them. But texting is so much easier!) I DO text when I know the other person is unable to answer the phone and I want to get a message out to them. (Though it's not like they would die if they didn't get it.) I DO text my favorite cousin from time to time because he's at that age where that's the only way he communicates. (Though he's probably reading this from my facebook as well.)

I'm onto apps such as WhatsApp and Hello! that allows me to text others, but only when they have the same program. My friend, Real Housewife, told me about a $5 app I can buy that'll allow me to have unlimited texts. I'll have to ask her about that again.
What rubs me is being charged for incoming texts. How do I control what someone else wants to do?! Upgrading to unlimited texts is not an option as I would rather use that money for french fries and cokes. What's a girl to do? It's perhaps a good lesson on self-discipline. Whatever it is, for now, please email/facebook/whatsapp/hello!/call me. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Zero before Thirty

I've dreaded birthdays since I past 25. Now that I'm in my 29th year of life, I couldn't help but start thinking about the big three-o milestone. (I've got about 10 months before it comes up and I'm already thinking about this. Obsessed, I tell you.)How does one go about celebrating a day that currently makes you want to crawl into a hole and die? Do I throw myself a fabulous birthday party? Lock myself in le shoebox and watch Beaches? Milestones in general sends shivers down me timbers. The pressure to try to mark a milestone with something major is too much!

I admire people who can make lists of things they want to do and actually do it, or at least try. Recently, in fellowship, Energy asked us to make a list of things we wanted to do if we knew we had many years to live (I forget the exact number) I didn't and won't set a timeline but this is my partial list of things I'd like to do:

- Write a book. I love books. I love reading them, buying them, storing them, and just plain looking at them. It'd be a short book, but a good one, filled with observations about teenage angst and social decorum. Ha! I hope to have a room like this one day:

- Start an event design company named "" Great name, right? I work as an event assistant for an event planning company on some weekends right now and I really, really love it. But what I love more than executing the whole thing is designing and brainstorming the whole look of it. The more weddings I work, I more I really see that the sky is the limit! And well, your wallet. :) This picture from served as the inspiration for MOH's shower.

- Have a kid. I'm so removed from this one that I can't think of a visual to insert here.

- Go to Japan, Paris, and Italy. All magical places. Paris deserves a lifetime of visits. Us in Paris. I love Paris, I love us.

- Go on a cruise. I don't even believe that I've never been on one! I'd go with Mickey, Goofy, and the gang, fo 'sho.

So maybe not before 30, but maybe someday. But even if it doesn't happen, I'm going to cut myself some slack and relax. Things are pretty good the way they are now.

Monday, March 22, 2010

shower #1

As a sign of my age, I have the privilege of attending 3423098 showers a year. This bridal shower was special. It was for MOH and the first I've had the honor of co-hosting (or hosting at all!) with the other ladies in the wedding party.

MOH's family is THE Super DIY family and they were busy cleaning house and cooking food while on break from building benches and sewing runners for her upcoming nuptials. This left us with only decor and all the fun stuff!

My favorite table set up:

A feather centerpiece makes everything that much more awesome.

Frames capturing quotes from MOH's favorite shows:

The linens created the jumping off point for everything else!

MOH has a slight obsession with the zebra print.

All photos taken by Ruby Chu Creative (thank you!!!)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Modern Warfare Home




I stepped late into a war in le shoebox late last night. K got his hands on a PS3 on loan from Freshman and purchased a copy of Modern Warfare 2 with financial support from Energy and Freshman. They wanted him to have the joy of playing it that badly. We don't really pride ourselves on being the first to get anything, so I understand we may be behind the times on this. So I come to you with some questions about Modern Warfare etiquette in the home.

How long can I expect each round of play to last?

If I have to watch How I Met Your Mother at 8 on Monday, how early do I need to notify my husband so that I'll be sure to have the TV in time for the show?

Is anyone else freaked out by the voices of people that come through the TV? Not the voices from the game, but voices from the people that K is playing with at the end of each round (war? battle? *shrug*) Energy also told us that we need a bluetooth headset which I hope will eliminate his voice on our TV.

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I started this blog while we were in Paris for our honeymoon to keep a daily journal of the trip. We just celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary (eeeeek!) and I thought it was time again to give this blog a try. Let's just pretend I never stopped, OK?

Wednesdays are Dog the Bounty Hunter days. I don't know why I'm drawn to the show like a moth to a flame. Could be his hair. Could be his wife Beth. I don't know, and frankly, I don't care. I just love it.

Too awesome.

I already have a list of questions prepared in case I ever meet Dog.
1) Is your hair real?
2) Do paint ball guns and mace really help you catch the criminals?
3) Why do you have to wear a badge?
4) How long did you have to lay in the sun to get your color?

I know you love that my first post back is an intriguing topic such as this. I gotta start somewhere. Holla back.