Thursday, June 25, 2009

Project Revisited

I loved Project Runway. I love Tim Gunn. I don't know why they stopped doing the show. I have no clue why they replaced it with The Fashion Show. I've only seen it once or twice and I don't understand the difference. America gets to vote? Please explain. Do you watch/love it?

Project Runway made me want to learn how to sew. I have visions of myself whipping up clothes for myself and Louie. How amazing would that be?! You may remember me ranting on about the same vision over a year ago. But yesterday brought this dream a step closer to reality. Mama MOH gave me a sewing machine!!! She bought it awhile ago at Target but later realized that it was nearly identical to the machine she already owned. Since Target does not take returns after 90 days, she decided to give it to me!! YAY!!!!

This has given my summer renewed purpose. I spotted these sewing patterns and am super duper excited.

They even have patterns called Sewing Patterns for Dummies. I can manage that, right?

If you have any tips for a newby on a sewing machine or instructional books to recommend, holla at me. Big ups to Mama MOH!


modern elements said...

Bravo replaced the show but I hear Project Runway will now be on Lifetime Network.

Stephanie said...

omg you really are crazy, but I'm happy it makes you happy. Can't wait to see my new bolero!

dapotato said...

Yay for new sewing machine! Sorry, no help here. I cannot sew at all. At all.

Winnie said...

Yay! Lucky. I once bought a tiny little toy sewing machine thinking I could learn a little before making the big investment on a real one. That thing almost ate my fingers.

amber said...

Guess who just got a machine for her b-day and started sewing class last week?! ;)

I love that you're getting into it, too!!