Monday, June 15, 2009

Name this dress!

Check out the dress of the girl on the right of the bride. That patchwork one. When I first saw this dress in person, I DIED. 

I have not stopped thinking about it. Do you know who designed it? I think it was D&G but I'm not sure. I've been googling for ages and nada. Not that I could ever afford it but I just want to know. Of course it helped that the girl wearing the dress is absolutely gorgeous. (All of the Turkish people are this wedding were gorgeous. Must be something in the water over there.)

And the bride's dress is pretty awesome too. The entire day, beautiful Turkish people floated in fanciful dresses. Really awesome.

All pictures taken by Sweet Monday Photography.


mel said...

it sure doesn't help if I can't click on the photo to see the photo at a larger size. how do you deactivate that function? or did you just upload from your computer?

amber said...

Gotta love frilly girlie dresses!

Winnie said...

All three of them look like supermodels. So unfair.

wan-nabe said...

please don't be mad at me for thinking you were being sarcastic at first, and laughing along.