Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am loved.

I recently wrapped up a school year's worth of service in my church's youth group. I have been serving in the college group since I graduated from college but spent a year with the youth to provide some stability and programming. Now that they have Captain at the helm, I'm moving back to be with the college kids. They've been providing me with a send-off undeserved by the short amount of time that I've put in with them.

This post is a big hug and thanks to everyone for every ounce of love y'all have been pouring into me. It's more than I ever deserved and I am so touched and grateful for all of this love. 'Tis the grace of God, indeed.

Elephant put together this book for me on Blurb. It's a book full of pictures and notes from the kids. So perfectly put together and perfect for me.

Nods made me this adorable photo cube with a sweet note and a photo of us. Thanks Nods!! I can't wait to hear about what happens on your trip!

A group of gals made me this heart to remind me that they puffy heart me foreva. ;)

Captain and his wife topped it off with a fabulous book and gift card to nordies. Wheeee!!!

A bazillion for the cards, notes, and skits!

We love because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)


Winnie said...

Wow! These are all very thoughtful gifts. Love the photo book idea.

Ivy said...

awwww. I'm sure it's all well deserved!

amber said...

So awesome!