Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's up, Doc?


We've decided to get some pet insurance for the Louiemeister. He is getting older (turned 7 in March!) and we figured we'd lock in an insurance rate now in case anything happens farther down the line. Truth be told, ever since I watched Marley and Me, I've not stopped thinking about the day when Louie will stop living. Let's not talk about that now. (BTW, That was my "spoiler." Better safe than sorry.) 

Decided to purchase through VPI and they require an all-over check up. Thanks to yelp, we found Animal Medical Hospital. Previously, Louie had been going to TLC, but they want to perform too many procedures on minor things. At AMH, everyone is really friendly and laid back. Perhaps a bit too much. The vet gave Louie a once over and took some blood to test. No temperature taken, no stethoscope used = not a real medical check up, IMO. I also didn't like that they took Louie to another room to take his blood. As we were leaving, the receptionist commented on what great condition Louie was in even though he is a senior. A SENIOR?! My baby? I don't think so. (Denial is my BFF.)

Blood test results came back today I'm happy to report Louie is in perfect health, with the exception of a bit too much plaque on his molars. He's due for his teeth cleaning.

If anyone had recommendations for a vet that will treat my dog like a person, let me know! :)


Winnie said...

A major reason of us not having a dog is my fear for a dying pet. Louie is still young though! You have many years ahead of you with Louie.

venn said...

Ugh. I took my little puppy to Animal Medical Hospital last week because of Yelp! I felt the same way about them. (I think those Yelp reviews were planted.) They were nice and had reasonable prices, but I will NOT be going back. My dog had a scab that took weeks to heal. When I asked the vet to take a look at it, he ripped the scab off! Who does that?!? The little guy was wimpering so much I wanted to punch the vet in the face. Let me know if you find a better vet. I'm on the hunt too. This will be my 3rd one, and he's not even 5 months yet. Ugh.

WeezerMonkey said...

I was really sad when our yellow lab died. She was like a female Marley!

jennifer said...

Lois will be a vet in 3 years =)

wan-nabe said...

i haven't cried that hard for a movie as i did for "marley and me." man, i was all to' up.

amber said...

My mom had pet insurance on her dog that unfortunately she had to put down just a few months ago. :( She thought it was a good idea though. Hope you can find a vet you like soon. I'd give you the name of the place my mom uses, but she is in NorCal.