Thursday, May 28, 2009

PSA #4

LAUSD has cancelled summer school for all elementary and middle schools. High schools will still offer summer school for credit recovery only.

*happy dance*

I wasn't planning on working anyway but I've been working the last few weeks to prepare permission slips, schedules, etc.. There is an insane amount of paperwork so this is a nice relief. It'll be tough for people who were counting on the extra dough, but at least our paychecks are split equally over 12 months nowadays.

Now ... what to do with 6 weeks off? :)

Actually, I'm still on the hunt for my next gig. It's only been a year. Job searching sucks.

*sad dance*


dapotato said...

agreed. job searching sucks. enjoy the time off, though!

Winnie said...

Job searching totally sucks, but welcome to the (temporary) SAHW club!!

wan-nabe said...

i totally thought of you when i heard about the summer school cancellation. i wasn't sure if that would be a good or a bad thing. glad it's the former! enjoy your time off!

amber said...

Fun! Have a great summer off then and good luck with the jobby job hunt.