Monday, May 4, 2009

One more day

I woke this morning and my brain begged me to take the day off. I have been standing on tippy toes on the brink of illness and mornings are tough.

But, sadly, I knew this would not be possible.

I had a conference with The Boss regarding my attendance recently. This was supposed to be kick in the pants. I'm "allowed" 10 days each school year, and have missed 9 days. Technically, I've missed 8 full days but The Boss likes to tallies the minutes and hours that when someone is late or leaves early until it adds up to something substantial enough to actually affect pay. My coworker once got docked for leaving 7 minutes early because his plumbing had busted and his house was flooding. True story.

I've never missed this many days in one school year. Usually I'm out about 3 days but as you know, this year has been tough. I have almost 2 months' worth of sick time saved up, but while I have them, the expectation is that no one is out more than 10 days in a school year. There are things like verbal warnings, conferences, written memos that go in your file when you've been naughty. But as many of you know from reading this LA Times article, none of this really matters.

But I guess it does because while I wanted to give the day the fist bump a la Ross, I rolled out of bed for another day. me = dork.


dapotato said...

dorks rule. mean bosses drool. really, that sucks.

because i'm short, i can totally related to on your tippy toes. because that happens to me in most swimming pools. hope you feel better soon. the year's almost over, right? :T

i actually started to pace a bit while watching tv. thanks for the advice.

Winnie said...

I'm angry on your behalf. It's almost the end of the school year and you're UNDER the "expected limit." I'd think it's better for a teacher to stay home when she's sick than to infect 50 kids. Besides, it's not like you're randomly taking days off to go shopping (right?). Your Boss = lame.

venn said...

This is ridiculous. Makes me fume. Your boss is an ass. Why don't more competent, intelligent, and talented people go into education? Hmmm...maybe because of people like your boss, who is an ASS. And when you stayed extra hours, or gave up your nights & weekends to do your job, did you receive a check for overtime? Did you receive a year-end bonus for all your hard work? Yeah...didn't think so.

wan-nabe said...

you know i ditto the others here. that's just ridiculous. i'm willing to bet that there are others who have missed as many, if not more days than you. with craptastic reasons.

i want to punch your boss in the nuts.

amber said...

Ditto Venn, word for word.

He's a douche.