Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh baby, yooooooou

The brain power behind Heineken's recent commercials could be my BFF. This latest one is DA BOMB. I sing along everytime. 

I received my renewal notice for Broadway LA's 2010 season. In the spirit of going green, they sent out renewal emails instead of brochures. Kudos!

I'm undecided about renewing for next season. The only show I really want to see is The Color Purple and the bank account has not been as robust as in seasons past. 

We'll see.


dapotato said...

hmm yeah, the lineup is eh. i regret not going to see wicked.

love the commercial.

Winnie said...

Ooooh I've always wanted to get season tickets for Pantages (mostly because I love Pantages itself). I'll have to look out for tix for Chicago.

Stephanie said...

Me likey this post! I haven't checked this in awhile so I was happy to see the updates :) And I too LOVE that commercial. Very much something ridiculous we would do in a cab. In vegas. haha!

wan-nabe said...

i love that commercial, because i love that song.

we get to go to the pantages next weekend for "dirty dancing"! probably pretty cheeseball, but i do love going to the pantages.

amber said...

Jim and I love that song so much we bought it and rocked out to it last night while cleaning the house. dorks.com

I really, REALLY want to see The Color Purple. The book is one of my favorites, as is the movie. <3