Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday Night Dinners

At le shoebox, we try to hold Monday Night Dinners (MND). It's an open invitation to people to come, eat a home-cooked meal and hang out. We do it as a constant reminder to ourselves that what we have is a gift from God and we want to use it to bless others.

It started as a routine between Ruby and me, but has been known to include a few others in the process. I've come to really enjoy MND.

The rules for MND are as follows:

1) Dinner is served between 6:30 and 7. Specific time depends on people who are coming. 

2) People who make it a more frequent habit to come have been bringing contributions. You can bring anything you want. Fruit is a popular first-time contribution. We love fruit at le shoebox. If you become a veteran like Ruby, you may consider contributing a main dish. You're welcomed to bring it cooked or I will help you cook it if you bring the ingredients. This doesn't apply when you're coming directly from work. We understand.

3) Magician's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed comes on at 9 P.M. Don't touch the remote. ;)

This past Monday, Eleven outdid himself and brought us fried catfish and some fabulous chicken. So scrumptious!! Ruby brought watermelon and Carry On brought us a bag of candy ... wrappers. She claims she was bringing us candy but ate it in the process. At least she saved the wrappers? *shrug* There were two boxes of M&Ms in there as well, but now I'm scared to eat them.

I decided to make pot roast. Apparently I like pretending that le shoebox is actually le sauna. Freakin' A.

I'm also in a new phase where I put way too much salt in everything. I just grab a handful and throw it in. Sigh.

We've found that 4 guests is optimal. So if you're in the hood on a Monday, feel free to drop by! Will have to remember to snap some pictures next week.


dapotato said...

love that you do this.
sad that i am never in your hood on mondays. :(

WeezerMonkey said...

What a fun idea!

I would like to invite myself. ;)

Winnie said...

How fun! This is such a great idea.

wan-nabe said...

i love this idea, too!

although if i make it some day, you can bet my contribution won't involve any stinky ol' FRUIT.

amber said...

I think this is such a cute idea. I may just have to stop by one night. :)