Thursday, May 14, 2009

I guess we can't.


As you may have heard, UTLA was planning a 1-day work stoppage tomorrow. I was all ramped up, ready to rally. Images of fist pumps and chants of "Si se puede" marched through my brain. This Cal bear loves herself any bit of people mobilization. 

To try to lessen the disruption to the school day, our local district had decided to make tomorrow a minimum day. Parents were told school would let out at 12:50.

But on Tuesday, a judge issued a temporary restraining order on the job action. BOO YOU, JUDGE.

Ramon Cortinez issued a memo decreeing Friday a regular work day and told all schools that they would not approve any minimum days. BOO YOU, MR. CORTINEZ.

On Wednesday, UTLA decided to obey the judge's order and instead, we will be picketing for one-hour before school and heading to a rally at the LAUSD Beaudry building downtown after school. (That's a heads up for your downtown folks.) It's just not the same. BOO YOU, UTLA. Ok, not really since if we did go through with the work stoppage, there was the possibility of a $1000 (very likely) fine or revocation of credential (not so likely, but still scary).

So a heads up to all LAUSD parents/students: tomorrow is business as usual.



saraphin said...

I am super disappointed too, Jane! And from what I can gather from our UTLA meeting at school, the union has decided to fight the RIF's no longer. Way to throw in the towel, huh?

At the same time, when we as teachers don't fight for ourselves, it's no wonder that the Union decides not to either. :(

wan-nabe said...

big "boo"s all around! ugh.

Winnie said...

Wait . . . so you gotta go to work early and go home late?? Boo is right.

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