Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Neither of my mothers read this, but HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mommies out there.

At church, Mama Shhhh and Auntie D shared about their journey on the road of motherhood. I love hearing about other people's child-rearing experiences, mainly because I can't fathom how I'll actually deal with my own flesh and blood. My interaction with children has been limited to running them like an army. :)

Every year, it's tough to buy mother's day presents. For my own mother, Mother's Day is usually celebrated with a card. This year, I decided to get one of those Hallmark recordable cards. I thought it'd be awesome considering she lives halfway around the globe. I'm going to try to get Louie to bark for it.

"Going to try" indicates that I have yet to record the card or send it. Will call her and tell her it's on the way. "Will call" also shows I haven't called. Me = worst daughter ever.

Mumsy (Kev's mom) is easier to shop for but never wants for anything. So we got her a pot of strawberry plants

photo from Smith & Hawken

I chose it mainly because I loved the pot. I'm not even sure if the strawberries will materialize. Unlike the photo, there are no tiny strawberries hanging off our plant yet. 'Twas also wonderful because they had one in the store already planted with the strawberry plants. Perfect for me. Me = laziest daughter ever.


mel said...

Awww..thanks Jane for the props. I love how you give nicknames to everyone. How do you even come up with such funny ones?? =P

anyway, just wait until you do have your own little C' will be excused from coming up with Momma Day gifts b/c your kiddoes will do just as a good job to give somethin' to their grannies. So this year, E-Money did his job.

WeezerMonkey said...

Happy Mother's Day!

We took my mom to brunch at Craft today. When I gave her my corporate photo, she asked me where the Tiffany bowl was! Hahahahaha!

Winnie said...

Send the card already :) Before you know it, Father's Day is gonna come by.

dapotato said...

awesome improvements to le shoebox. i once did a post on weddingbee about letters. too lazy to search for it now, but i think i found some more affordable alternatives to the anthropologie ones.

wan-nabe said...

let me tell you - you really don't know how you'll manage your own kidlets until you have 'em.

it sure is fun, though!

amber said...

That plant is so cute!