Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, K!

Tomorrow is K's birthday but we celebrated over the weekend with a BBQ at le shoebox. The great thing about le shoebox is that there is a pool and BBQ area. Otherwise, the party would have consisted of K, Louie, myself, and half of another person.

A family portrait. (Photo by Cheesda)

I was extremely grateful that it did not rain and that it was actually warm for a part of the day. No one dived into the pool except for E-Money. Even then 'twas the jacuzzi, but a good time was had by all. 

E-Money splish splashing. (Photo taken by Woo-Z. I think.)

Extra thumbs up goes to MOH, Jack in the Box, and Papa Shhhh for helping out!

K isn't much of a birthday celebrator, so we'll probably go out to dinner at his favorite restaurant tomorrow and call it a year. :)


dapotato said...

cute family photo. and happy birthday, k!

Winnie said...

Happy happy birthday, K!

venn said...

I love how you're holding Louie like a baby. Happy Birthday, K!

wan-nabe said...

happy birthday to k!

i, too, love the family photo ;)