Monday, May 18, 2009

Concentration, Concentration is the Game

One of the joys of working with fellowships at church is that I get to participate in a myriad of group games. Teens and Tweens don't love group games. To get them as excited (read: crazy) as myself, I like to make things competitive. It's more fun when at least one person is yelling like a madwoman. :)

So last Friday was Animal Concentration. There's a big circle of people. Before the game starts, each person is assigned an animal. Everyone begins clapping out a rhythm: knee slap, knee slap, clap, snap. On the snap, one person says the name of his own animal, on the next snap, the same person says the name of another person's animal. This second person repeats this process. The whole time, everyone in the circle is keeping the rhythm. If you mess up the rhythm or miss the snap, you're out. Sounds simple, but is apparently super difficult for people because of the rhythm. (We never actually got people to say the animal on the snap.)

The game was fun. Per the usual, I was 110% into the game. People were trying to get me out and did not succeed. I was wearing pants and when I changed into my pajamas, I saw this:

I gave myself bruises, on both legs, while keeping rhythm for Animal Concentration.
The best part: this is the second or third time this has happened.

You have my permission to LOL at my expense. Have a good day. :)


venn said...

I've played the animal concentration game. It's oddly hilarious. Although I've never been as committed to victory as you. You're hard core.

WeezerMonkey said...

Wow. This is even lamer than I'd originally thought.

Sorry. ;)

Winnie said...

Hahahaha that's commitment :) I totally get ADD when I play this type of game. I have the attention span of a puppy.

Anonymous said...

LOLx10. 1000 props to you for keeping up with the games, and for sacrificing your poor limbs for the greater good! :)

i like reading your blog. just fyi.

dapotato said...

wow. although it beats when my fellowship used to always play mafia. i HATE mafia.

wan-nabe said...

i'm not gonna lie, i was cracking up way before you gave me permission to.

amber said...

I've totally played that! Never gotten bruises from it though.... ;)