Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fast Rent

At the end of the 30-Hour famine, I broke my fast with this:

Alberto's super fries and costco pizza. So very tasty.

I hadn't skipped more than one meal prior to the famine so it was definitely challenging for me. The first 6 hours were the toughest, especially considering that I couldn't squeeze a full meal in before the start of the famine in at 12 noon. I discovered that minute maid home-squeezed lemonade is incredibly filling. We spent Saturday washing cars and handing out sodas with a church in Hawthorne. I learned that it's hard to give away free sodas and waters. How is it that even after several hours of physical activity and 20+ hours of fasting, the kiddos wanted to play games when we got back to church?! I wanted to die, but participated anyway. :) (love you all!)

Right after I stuffed my face with fries and pizza, I ran off to the Pantages for Rent

'Twas a special treat because Rent wasn't a part of the package of season tickets but GreenPeace was able to grab some tickets when they extended the show. GreenPeace and I can recite Rent in its entirety. I'm Mark, she's Roger.

If you're able, GO SEE RENT! Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp are beyond fantastic. It's as though 13 years hadn't passed at all since Rent opened on Broadway. As always, I snapped pictures of my playbill and the stage before the show started with my iPhone. 

The couple next to me were so indignant that I did so because of the bright neon sign on the stage that said "No Cameras. No Cell Phones." The man said, "Oh, but I guess a camera and phone combo is OK."

Ah, shut your face. But of course I just pretended no to hear him.