Wednesday, January 7, 2009


From Vegas to Retreat! 

After getting off the plane on New Year's Day, I had a few hours before I had to get on a bus to Pinecrest Christian Conference Center.

Every so often, we take the youth group up to the mountains and give them time to learn about God, in the same way that people in the bible retreated up to the mountains to be with God. This year was a big retreat with 6 of our sister churches, so we had about 300 kids going. I was only responsible for about 45 of them so it wasn't as daunting. But clearly,  Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have nothing on me. 

Prior to the retreat, we had a Thanksgiving food drive and since the kids met the goal, we had to wear costumes on the first day of retreat. Here I am giving last minute instructions before getting on the bus:

Believe it or not, the kids actually obeyed instructions from a milk carton.

Everything went swell and no one was hurt. My kids are angels. Perfect angels who: 

- play basketball at 6 A.M. to the chagrin of people still sleeping in or near the gym

- go sledding down mountains with no sled

- try to break through the frozen ice on the lake

- may have broken windows in a snowball fight (I am still praying this wasn't one of my kids.)

- stuff wet clothes back into luggage bags primed for mildew

- hang wet clothes directly on top of the radiator  (to his credit, he was only following my instructions to "hang your clothes so they can dry.")

- tear icicles off the roof of the chapel and sucks on them

Perfect angels. =) Actually, being with 300 other teens and preteens made me appreciate how superbly sweet my kids are. It's really amazing to be a part of their growing up experience. Even if they are sucking on dirty icicles.

Love you, kiddos!


WeezerMonkey said...

Oh em gee.
Milk carton.

dapotato said...

love your costume. vitamin d enriched, even.

um, so, i was one of those kids. in college. ha. until the year i was one of the organizers.

Winnie said...

I can't stop laughing at the costume. Cute :) I admire your courage to take on 45 kids.

The Modern Type said...

I just found my halloween costume!

wan-nabe said...

you are my hero. my teen, great. BFF, fine. maybe a few more, ooookay.

but 300? even 45? yikes!

Jasmine said...

Oh, Jane...please tell me it was a whole lotta canned goods to make you wear THAT! :)

amber said...

that costume is cracking me up!

i'm glad it all went so well :)

Guhleeenda said...

so heartwarming.