Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rally, rally!

An incredibly exciting day for me today:
- I rode the metro rail. I've never ridden on the subway or train in LA. Nor had I been inside Union Station until today.
- I participated in the UTLA rally in downtown! Lots of shouting, fist pumping, and of course, rallying. 

Just a couple of points of clarification, as I've heard some strange things in the media:

- we're currently in contract negotiations. Those negotiations are in the fact finding stage, which is the step before a strike vote. We are also negotiating our health care, but that's still in the mediation stage. The last strike lasted for 9 days. When teachers strike, schools find subs. Subs are members of the union. (Corrected: Sorry for my mistake. I got subs mixed up with paraprofessionals in my head.)

- we are currently boycotting Tuesday after-school meetings and District periodic assessments In LAUSD, students are tested every 6 weeks for English Language Arts and once a quarter for Math. Teachers are still assessing their students. They are either using the District assessment and not inputting them into the District system or testing students with other assessments. The Ed Code only mandates that you test students, but it doesn't dictate which assessments you have to give or that you have to input the information in the District system.

I'm not a fan of striking but when dealing with a monster like LAUSD, I'd rather have another monster like UTLA on my side.

And now I can't get the chants from today's rally out of my head. Poop.


WeezerMonkey said...

Oh, so YOU were the one who caused all the traffic? :P

Winnie said...

I didn't even know the teachers were striking. Good luck!

mlleruthie said...

Subs are part of the union...dues come out of their checks as well.

wan-nabe said...

i hope it's all resolved to everyone's satisfaction soon.