Sunday, January 25, 2009

Le Shoebox Update

Happy lunar new year!

Much has been happening at le shoebox! Over the weekend, we finally got our dining chairs (tivoli chairs from C&B) to go around the table (round dining table with cut out legs from west elm) that we picked up from craigslist.

K is going to move the lamp over and lower so that it hangs in the center of the table. We're missing any type of window covering for the window by the dining nook because we're saving money for some shutters. In the mean time, maybe we'll put up a sheet or something. 

We did manage to get some curtains for the living room. We found them at the Restoration Hardware outlet in Camarillo. I tried ironing them, but obviously, I failed.

They are borderline Britney Spear's Circus to me, but I love them a lot!

We also dined on the table for the first time today. We invited Carry On, Askance, and Chewy to eat with us so I was relieved to find that the five of us fit pretty comfortably around the dining table. 

Le shoebox is feeling much more comfortable nowadays. Come drop by for a visit!


WeezerMonkey said...

Love that lamp.

Memories of Yesterday said...
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Memories of Yesterday said...

I have a steamer if you want to use it to help your curtains. It did wonders for ours.


Winnie said...

It is definitely coming together beautifully! I love the wall color and the lamp.

amber said...

cracking up at the mention of britney's circus and the curtains. ;)

it's looking fabulous!

modern elements said...

Nice Jane! I love the contemporary and simple clean lines! We are definitely on the same wave length! :D

Stephanie said...

Love the curtains and chairs! Like D said, and depending on the type of fabric, you should try steaming it - it's faster and better than ironing. My folks also have one if you ever want to pick it up from the house.

Guhleeenda said...

have i told you how much i love your floor?