Thursday, January 22, 2009

Creature Comforts

Since moving to le shoebox, my distance to work has doubled. Actually, due to strange LA traffic, it takes about the same amount of time to get to work even though the distance has doubled, but it'll take twice that time to get home from work. (About an hour) 

In comparison to other commutes, I know it's really not that bad but I've never really had a long commute before so this has required some adjustments on my part. I've set up house in the car. Included are fuzzy slippers, a blanket, and a bag of snacks and bottle of water. This week's snack is Trader Joe's baked version of Cheetos. 

K thinks I'm disgusting for living this way. What? Do Uggs not go with gray slacks? =)

I also make up for the longer drive by stopping somewhere for breakfast nearly every morning. As a creature of habit, I was eating Noah's Bagels' three cheese bagels with an orange juice for about two weeks, rotated to Starbucks, and now I'm stuck at Peet's Coffee. Chocolate croissants are my BFFs, as are chocolate chunk walnut scones. This habit gets expensive and unhealthy so I need a new routine. Cereal is too hard to eat in the car and I don't like microwaving those breakfast sandwiches. Starving is not an option. What do you eat?



Winnie said...

You're not driving with a blanket on you . . . right??? I usually eat a cereal bar in the car for breakfast, along with some fruit (e.g. grapes, banana, sliced apple).

WeezerMonkey said...

How are you so thin?!

I eat a Centrum vitamin for breakfast.

amber said...

i eat at my desk once i get to work, which makes my normal kashi oatmeal or cereal doable. maybe not so much in the car, though. :/

LOVE the uggs!!!

wan-nabe said...

i'm giggling at "le shoebox," because that is EXACTLY what we are downsizing into.

i used to have a nutri-grain bar for breakfast when i worked. nowadays, it's a bagel, or a toaster strudel. i'm totally addicted to the strawberry ones.