Monday, January 12, 2009

And so it begins

I used to be in the habit of celebrating my birthday for the entire month. I'd treat myself to food, clothes, massages, etc. all under the pretense that it was my birthday month. If I could, I would have worn a button that said "Birthday Girl" all month.  'Twas pretty glorious.

Now, as my actual birthday is coming up, I'm just sad. Sad, sad, sad. Much sadder than I really should be. For the past few years I haven't felt like really celebrating but I've managed to at least get a dinner in with the BFFs because after all, it is my birthday and I love me some celebrating. I'm going through a post-quarter-life-and-30-is-around-the-corner crisis. Yes, I'm being dramatic and ridiculous.
On Friday, during my lesson to the kids at church, I mentioned that my birthday was coming up and later on, one of those girls came up to me and told me that I share a birthday with another girl in the group. 

Girl: How old are you going to be?
Me: 28
Girl: Wow! You're twice as told as Joyce is going to be!
Me: *blank stare*

I told K that I've decided to start lying about my age this year. So if anyone asks you, I'll be 25. Forever. =)

So this is what a 25 year-old does for her birthday:

We went shopping. Bought some trouser jeans because I was trying to embrace being a grown up, and then caved and bought some skinny jeans because I gotta wear them while I still can.

Also bought this bag because Kate is having a great sale right now.

We had dinner on Saturday night with the K's side of the family because my sister-in-law has a birthday pretty close to mine.

We dined at NBC in Monterey Park. It's newly renovated on the outside but everything is exactly the same on the inside. There was a gigantor Chinese wedding happening there that night. I love gigantor Chinese weddings, in the same way that I love watching trashy reality shows. Fun and festive, but not for me.

I am still looking forward to dinner with the BFFs - 1 on Saturday. Should be a good time. Since I'm 25 and all.


WeezerMonkey said...

You are a baby!

Elder Monkey

Winnie said...

At least you still look like you're 18! Yay for the Asian anti-aging genes :)

amber said...

i turn 30 this year and there are definite moments where it hits me that this is my last year in my 20's. then i look like this :|

happy 1st annual 25th birthday! :)

venn said...

Ditto the Monkey. You are but a wee babe.

Even more elder Venn

dapotato said...

happy 25th birthday!

Stephanie said...

glad you didn't slap that little girl :) love the bag! see you this weekend, birthday girl. get excited!

wan-nabe said...

cute bag!

um, 40 is looming too damn near for me to be comfortable with. i'll take 28 any day.