Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Le Cordon Bleu

*Exhale* Finally with reliable internet and enough time to post! Everything has been great in le shoebox. We're all moved in and have been living here since Thanksgiving. We're still missing a lot of furniture but the couch, tv, and mattress on the floor has been serving us just fine. Will post pictures once everything is set up. Give me about a year or so. 

A long, long while ago, Gun Boy invited us to visit him at Le Cordon Bleu, where he is in the hospitality program. His class was having a dinner to celebrate the end of their first cooking class and everyone invited their friends and family to taste their handiwork. 

Gun Boy's crowd made up about half of the entire party there.

There was so much food that I was forced to have seconds. And then thirds.

Gun Boy's instructor had the best French accent. Made my meal 10x better.

and pots galore!

Thanks, GB! Can't wait to see your blog when it goes live.


WeezerMonkey said...

How cool!

dapotato said...

whee! i miss college when our "hotelie" (hospitality major) friends would host these restaurant nights that they had to completely manage. sounds similar and even more fun with the french accent involved.

Winnie said...

Whee! How fun! Your friend's expressions are hilarious.

amber said...

what a fun afternoon!

more photos of the le shoebox please. merci. :)

wan-nabe said...

whee! we attended a few events while brother wan was a student there, too.